FX has one-key operation, in that one key fits both ignition as well as fuel tank (FT) cap

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LML Energy FX

LML Energy FX

The biggest surprise of the year 2002 is the LML Energy FX bike. Indeed, if I were to name this bike I would name it just FX, not Energy FX, because apart from the Energetic looks, almost everything in the FX is newer and better. There is an old saying, which says, "The proof of the pudding is in the eating - not in the looking". In biker's language, "The proof of the bike is in the riding - not in the looking." And the riding of the FX is XLNT, or rather Excellent, with a capital E. Looks the bike already had in its old avatar. Performance is what has been added. Indeed, today I'd say, among the economy segment bikes, the FX is right at the top. The amount of thought that has gone into the FX bikes is apparent the moment you sit on it. You upright the bike from the side stand (forgetting to retract it) and give it a kickstart. The bike start at the first kick every time. You try to shove it into first gear, but gear doesn't fall. Eh? Why not? Why doesn't the gear engage? Aha! You forgot to retract the side stand, which could have been dangerous if the gear had engaged and you had ridden off without retracting the side stand. You see the side stand has a short extension above the pivot, which has a notch in it. When the side stand is down, this notch locks into a short shaft protruding inwards from the heel of the gear shifter (see photo-1), making it impossible to engage gear and move off without retracting the side stand. This is an excellent, failsafe, foolproof, mechanical device, which requires no maintenance.

LML Graptor Technical Specifications

Engine 4-stroke, air cooled
Displacement 109.15 cc
No. of cylinders 1
Max Power 8.9 bhp @ 8500rpm
Start Kick start
No. of Gears 4 - speed
Electrical 2V - 7 AH
Overall height 1090 mm
Overall length 2060 mm
Suspension Front : -
Rear : -
Dimensions (LXWXH) -
Wheel Base 1280 mm
Ground Clearance 165 (mm)
Kick Kerb weight 113 kgs.
Tyres Front : -
Rear : -
Brakes Front Brake Drum : -
Rear Brake Drum : -
Fuel Tank Capacity 14 Ltrs.
Head Light -


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