BMW 760Li belongs to the BMW 7 Series cars. BMW 760Li is available in India and comes with latest features & technical specifications.

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BMW 760Li

BMW 760Li belongs to the BMW 7 Series vehicles. It is one of the best driving luxury sedans in the world. BMW 760Li's V-12 engine generates 438 hp at 6000 rpm and 444 ft lbs of torque at 3950 rpm.

BMW 760Li offers great luxury in conjunction with state-of-the art safety features. Its longer wheelbase makes 760Li more spacious. BMW 760Li has an "active" suspension control system designed to reduce body-roll, or lean, while cornering. This improves the vehicle's suspension geometry (the degree of wheel angle relative to vertical). Its active cruise control system allows you to maintain a pre-set distance between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead in highway driving.

Technical Specifications

Unladen 4905 lbs
Weight distribution, front/rear 51.0/49.0 %
Engine -
Liter/type 6.0/V-12
Bore/stroke 3.50/3.15 in
Nominal output/rpm 438 @ 6000 hp
Max torque @ rpm 444 @ 3950 lb-ft
Compression ratio 11.3 :1
Fuel grade Unleaded premium
Transmission -
Automatic gear ratios - I/II/III 4.17/2.34/1.52 :1
Automatic gear ratios - IV/V/VI 1.14/0.87/0.69 :1
Automatic gear ratios - R 3.40 :1
Final drive ratio 3.15 :1
Performance -
Acceleration, 0-60 mph 1 5.4 sec
Top speed 2 150 mph
Aerodynamic drag coefficient 0.29 Cd
Turning circle 41.3 ft
Fuel consumption 3 -
City/highway 15/22 mpg
Tires, wheels and brakes -
Tire dimensions - Standard - front; rear 245/45R-19 Front; 275/40R-19 Rear5
Tire dimensions - No-cost option - front; rear 245/50R-18 Front; 245/50R-18 Rear4
Wheel dimensions - Standard - front; rear 19x9.0 Front; 19x10.0 Rear
Wheel dimensions - No-cost option - front; rear 18x8.0 Front; 18x8.0 Rear
Material alloy
Brake dimensions (diameter x thickness) - front; rear 13.7x1.18 Front; 13.6x0.94 Rear inch

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