Audi A6 2019 Review: Reform Inside and Outside

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The fifth-gen Audi A6 will be introduced in the Indian market next year in 2019. The new version will perform even better than the previous model. Both diesel and petrol are expected to be on offer when it reaches our shore.

Audi A6 is one important model in the production line of world-renown German car manufactures. The proof is that it has always been on the top best-selling Audis. However, the ongoing version doesn’t live up to its popular brand name. Could this upsetting performance change in the new generation?

The upcoming version will be the last one from Audi to be underpinned by the MLB platform, before the adoption of the Porsche MSB platform. The MLB is built upon steel and aluminium multi-material, enhancing the torsional and lateral strength up to 10 and 30 per cent respectably. 

1. Audi A6 Dimension

The new generation will not change much in terms of size. For example, it will keep the same footprint. However, Audi has altered the interior for larger room without changing the exterior dimension. More specifically, the interior cabin is lengthened by 21mm while the rear legroom increases by 17mm. Headroom is no exception: It increases about 8mm and 11mm at the front and the rear bench.

2. Audi A6 Exterior

A6 is always known as the smaller-sized A8. For the new generation, A6 will keep the same exterior look of the A8 but in the smaller configuration.

On the front profile, Audi A6 features the extra-large hexagonal grille with sleek chrome slat which is low-set. And the signature Audi Matrix LED headlights flank on the top of the grille. The bonnet is decorated by the two side creases.

Audi A6 front face grey color

A6 í still the smaller version of the bigger brother - the A8

The side of the Audi looks smart and uncluttered. The highlight lies on the elaborate wheel set whose size is various from 20 inches to 21 inches. It is the largest wheels that we have even seen in an A6.

Audi A6 white side quarter outdoor background

Smart and uncluttered, that what you will see in the new A6

To the rear of the car, we will meet the sleek split thin tail light with a chrome strip insert running from one side to other. On the lower part, there are two chrome contoured exhaust pipes.

 Audi A6 is rear look

The rear of the Audi A6 is sleek and smart

3. Audi A6 Interior

What is the most complimentary in every Audi car is its high-end interior quality, which will differentiate them with other cars from rival carmaker.

Even though the A6 is not a long wheelbase car, you can still enjoy a plenty of space inside an A6. Headroom legroom, knee room, all are comfortable for the front passengers. So is the rear bench. Not only give front occupants a spacious room, the A6 will also provide a good support with the contoured back support.

Besides a high-quality seating, the experience will be enhanced with the addition of the four-zone automatic climate control with a separate touchscreen panel for AC controls along with the main touchscreen for infotainment system. The plenty of touchscreen will definitely boost the luxuriance and premiumness, however, the downside is that it could easily distract you more than the usual manual unit as you have to look at the screen to operate it.

The touchscreen unit comes with smart function like interactive voice commands, which could allow interaction between you and the system, improve the users’ experience and satisfaction.

Here are some features that you will see in the Audi A6:

  • Audi A6 rear seat

  • USB port

  • Power socket

  • Four-zone automatic climate control

4. Audi A6 Engine and Peformance

One note-worthy features under the hood of the A6 is that all the engine will be mild-hybrids. Audi gives a range of engine options, and it is still unknown what engines will be brought to the India market. But the 40 TDI diesel is much likely to be distributed in India. This unit could release the peak power of 204BHP and 400Nm which is lower than the petrol unit. Both diesel and petrol are paired with the same seven-speed automatic gearbox.

The mild-hybrid system will be offered as standard features on the petrol engine while it comes as optional option for the diesel engine. So what does that mean to have a mild-hybrid engine on board? This hybrid engine will store energy generated when braking or being in the dynamic drive mode. Moreover, the efficiency mode will save fuel by using the battery when coasting in the Efficiency mode.

What about the real-life performance of this unit?

The diesel unit which is likely to appear in the India market could deliver a sufficient performance for the daily commute. But don’t expect it to perform like a peppy engine that will give you excitement. Beyond the average range, the engine will feel a little bit strained, from which the engine starts to be quite vocal.

On the other hands, the petrol engine offers a decent level of refinement. And the mild hybrid will come into play under certain driving conditions. But don’t expect to run the car solely by the electric engine only.

The suspension system is made up of air springs on the petrol version while the diesel will get steel spring with adjustable dampers. Regardless of suspension type, both version could archive an impressive balance between the handling and riding quality which has always been the strength of the Audi A6.

5. Specifications



 30d 3.0-litre Diesel Engine






 Automatic and Manual



 Top Speed 



 Length x Width x Height

 4,939 mm x 1,886 mm x 1,457 mm

 Seating Capacity


It is expected that the Audi A6 will arrive the Indian market next year, probably after the launch of the A8. And the most possible engine option for the Indian market is the diesel one. Even though this engine is not as refined as in the petrol version, the Indian folks might still feel happier with the diesel one. 

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