Hyundai Grand i10 vs Maruti Suzuki Swift: Mature vs Chic Hatchback

by Vivaan Khatri | 06/08/2018
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Competing on the same segment of hatchbacks, Hyundai Grand i10 and Maruti Suzuki Swift makes one of the fiercest rivalries. Let's consider every aspect to find out the right option for you.

Every Indian customer who is considering to buy a hatchback might come up with the same question: Should I buy a Hyundai Grand i10 or a Maruti Swift? The two options are all long-standing and reliable name in the market, therefore, it is really tough to decide which one will be the better cars. To help you out with this question, IndianAuto will give you a comprehensive comparison of the Grand i10 vs the Swift which will details every aspect of these two hatchbacks.

1. Hyundai Grand i10 vs Maruti Swift: Dimension

Maruti Suzuki Swift’s dimension is notably larger than the Grand i10. More specifically, it is 75 mm longer and wider than the Grand i10 whose length and width stands at 3765mm and 1660mm, respectively. The Swift is slightly higher than the Grand i10. With a larger overall dimension, it is no surprise that the Swift could offer larger boot space of 268 litres whereas the Grand i10 will give you a cargo of 254 litres. These two hatchbacks, however, have the same turning circle, which is 9.6m.

Dimension   Maruti Suzuki Swift  Hyundai Grand i10
 Length  3840mm  3765mm
 Width   1735mm  1660mm
 Height   1530mm  1520mm
 Wheelbase  2450mm  2425mm
 Turning radius  9.6m  9.6m
 Boot Space  268 litres  256 litres

2. Hyundai Grand i10 vs Maruti Swift Exterior:

Looking at the exterior of the two hatchbacks, you will be much likely to feel attracted by the Swift. The 2018 Swift clearly has a smarter and more current design with a playful front and side profile. For example, the Swift features a contrasting blackened A,- B- and C pillars, which create the floating roof effect. On the rear side, the Swift has its rear window to integrate with the side window, making the exterior design looks more cohesive and modern. Whereas, the Grand i10 seems to play it safe with more common design characteristics. Grand i10 has a proportionate design, however, the design will obviously not the one to catch the eyes of the bystanders.

Maruti Suzuki Swift front angle view red colorHyundai Grand i10 front angle view red color

Maruti Swift has a sleeker and quirkier front look than Hyundai Grand i10

Maruti Suzuki Swift 2018 Rear look red colorHyundai Grand i10 rear look red color

3. Hyundai Grand i10 vs Maruti Swift Interior:

Maruti Swift will be to one to have you surprised. Inside the Swift, it is covered by the all-black theme. It is obviously filled with a posh and sporty vibe. On the dashboard, it features a more distinguishing instrument cluster and chrome inserts as well as a sleek looking touchscreen infotainment system and rotary AC controls. 

One thing that you can take into consideration is that the Swift is the one to have a high-quality seat, perhaps, the best seat quality in the segment, which also means that it easily beats the Grand i10 in this aspect. Swift drivers also enjoy more comfort with adjustable headrest.

Whereas, the Grand i10 feels more simple and mature with a beige and black theme. Even though it is as current and modernistic as the Swift, it is still a decent and comfortable space to be. It seems that the Grand i10 is much for a practicality with sensible and highly functional dashboard layout. And it is also easy to notice that even having a less chic design, the Grand i10 has a better and more consistent plastic quality all over the cabin. 

Maruti Suzuki Swift 2018 Interior dashboardHyundai Grand i10 Interior dashboard

Interior Features

In terms of interior features, the two hatchbacks have pretty much the same feature list, which includes power window, power steering, fabric upholstery, automatic climate controls, power steering, rear parking sensor, navigation, adjustable front passenger seat, 12V power inputs, as well as touchscreen infotainment with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support. But the Grand i10 has two things that the Swift doesn’t, that are the chilling glovebox and rear air vents. These will be cool features for long drive journey during the summer days. Moreover, the Grand i10 also features a more functional and responsive touchscreen. 


When it comes to the interior spaces, the Swift with a greater dimension comfortably allows a better space than the Grand i10 with a larger leg and knee room at the front seat.

4. Hyundai Grand i10 vs Maruti Swift Performance:

4.1. Diesel engine: 

The new Swift receives power from the same 1.2-litre four-cylinder diesel engine which could generate up to 75 PS. There is still turbo lag at low revs, which means that the Swift would require more gearshift in city driving. Nevertheless, the Swift still offers a well-performing and precise gearbox. At highway, the Swift could gear toward strongly and powerfully at the matching gear. The Swift doesn’t emit noise at a low-rev range; however, when it comes to the higher speed, it is quite vocal. Generally, with a wide rev range and a lightweight, the Swift is a capable four-wheeler.

Maruti Suzuki Swift front angle view red color

The Swift is a rev-happy car which runs enthusiastically, especially at high speed

For the diesel Hyundai Grand i10, the power is coming from a 1.2-litre three-cylinder engine. This diesel motor offers the same power output as the Swift. The Grand i10 runs smoothly even in low speed and doesn’t require much gearshift, which makes it more suitable for city driving than the Swift. However, the Grand i10 doesn’t offer enough dynamics when driving at high speed. In the paper, the Swift does take less time to rev from 0-100kph than the Grand i10. 

Hyundai Grand i10 red angle view

Hyundai Grand i10 offers a calm and relaxed drive

In comparison, the Swift is obviously a rev-happy vehicle than the Grand i10.

 Diesel engine  Maruti Suzuki Swift  Hyundai Grand i10 
 Engine   1.3 litres  1.2 litres
 Peak Power  75PS   75PS
 Torque  190Nm  190Nm
 Transmission 5-speed manual  5-speed manual

4.2. Handling and Suspension 

Comparing with the previous version, the Swift comes with a lighter power steering which allows effortless turns. However, it comes at the expense of the precise and responsive steering. Whereas, for the Swift, the steering weights more, but still, remains a controllable one for city driving. 

The suspension of the new Swift offers a compliant ride even when the car speeds up. But it feels stiff at low gear, therefore, the handling is not as sporty as expected. On the other hands, the Grand i10’s suspension allows a better balance between ride quality and handling. However, admittedly, at higher speed, the car is not as absorbent as the Swift. 

4.3. Mileage

For the diesel version, the Swift could offer a spectacular mileage of 28.4kmpl, much higher than the Grand i10 whose mileage stands at 24.95kpl. The Swift still outperforms the Grand i10 with the petrol version. Petrol engine of the Swift has the mileage of 22kmpl while that of the petrol Grand i10 is 19.77kmpl.

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