2018 Datsun Go and Go+ Facelifts Test Drive Impression

by Mohammed Burman | 15/10/2018
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The all-new Datsun and Datsun Go+ were recently driven in a test drive. Here is the impression of the test drive experience in terms of exterior, interior, performance, etc.

Datsun’s Go siblings have experienced a difficult period of time for the past few years. Few Indian automakers ever consider these two Datsun products a real value for money due to the unpopular brand in India, boring interiors and deficiency of up-to-date features. All of these problems will be solved with the launch of facelifted Datsun Go and Go+. The two Datsun products were tested recently and have left strong impressions about the updated features in terms of the outside and inside as well as the performance.

1. Datsun Go and Go+’s updated exterior

In terms of the outside, the most outstanding changes that Datsun has made to Datsun Go and Go+ are the colours: Amber Orange for the Datsun Go and Sunset Brown for the Datsun Go+.

Moreover, some of the brand-new features in the front include

  • A larger grille with more chrome inserts

  • A redesigned bumper with sharper creases

  • Novel bright LED DRLs.

Datsun Go and Go+ front

The front of the all-new Datsun Go and Go+ receive some tweaks such as a larger grille, new bright LED DRLs

In comparison to the front, the side profile and the rear are a bit boring with just a few small changes.

The most prominent update here might be the traditional steel wheels now have been substituted with 14-inch alloy wheels with larger rubber tyres (165/70R14), which provides the cars with a stronger stance when travelling. The outgoing models of the Go and Go+ look “ridiculous” due to the small wheels. We would like to give this change a thumb up. Moreover, the wing mirrors also come with new indicators. More spectacularly, the refreshed bumper in the rear now accommodates a set of reverse parking sensors.

2018 Datsun Go and Go+ side profile

The side profile of the new Datsun Go and Go+ now come with bigger and more mature alloy wheels

With the new features, the Go siblings can possibly attain the consideration of Indian auto buyers.

2. Datsun Go and Go+’s thoroughly updated Interior

Unlike the mildly-tweaked exterior, the interior of the Datsun Go and Go+ has been thoroughly updated to catch more customers’ attention.

The first important improvement on the Datsun’s Go twins is the safety kit with a wide range of features provided, which is totally different from the respective outgoing models with a modest safety kit even in the high-spec variant.

The safety kit of the 2018 facelifted Datsun Go and Go+ include

  • Twin airbags

  • Driving seatbelt alert

  • ABS with EBD

  • Follow-me-home headlamps

  • Parking sensors and brake assist

Datsun is offering all of these features as standard across the Datsun Go and Go+’s line-up, which is a breakthrough in terms of safety features of these two vehicles. The outgoing models received quite a lot of critcisms after getting a zero-star rating from the global NCAP as regards adult passengers’ protection. The old version of the two vehicles lack all the above-mentioned safety features and provide poor protection for the driver due to the difficult connection between the driver and the driving wheel. It was also reported by the global NACP that both of the front passengers’ knees can be injured with the dashboard’s unsafe structures. To make the matters worse, the bodyshell was rated as unsteady. So with the updated kit of safety features, now customers do not have to worry too much like before.

Other advanced features consist of

  • Brand-new front seats which are well cushioned and provide proper bolster and thigh support

  • A novel premium dashboard with new colours for the two cars (black for the Go and white-and-black dual tone for the Go+)

  • Electrically adjusted power windows in the rear

  • Wash wipe in the rear, which is of great importance but many manufacturers overlook

  • Electrically adjusted outside rear-view mirrors

  • A larger analogue tachometer in place of the old small digital one, which helps the driver see the specifications much more easily.

018 Datsun Go and Go+ interior and front seats

2018 Datsun Go and Go+ are equipped with a wide range of new interior features including newly-designed front seats

A surprising and wonderful thing which Datsun Go’s twins offer customers is the touchscreen infotainment system with a 7-inch display made by Blaupunkt which supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity. Other vehicles (even much more expensive) of Renault-Nissan (the Terrano or the Captur) do not get this feature.

2018 Datsun Go and Go+touchscreen infotainment system

An outstanding feature of the new Datsun Go and Go+ is the 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system

Despite some above-mentioned cutting-edge features on offer, there are still some important features missing such as height-adjustable driver’s seat, day/night mirror, and adjustable headrests. Actually, the headrest is only integrated at the shoulder level, which will be a bit annoying for the taller passengers in the rear seats.

In terms of the space in the cabin, there is almost nothing different between the old and the new version. But what is special about the cabin is the width. The Datsun Go can now accommodate three passengers in the rear seat much more easily than other cars with a similar price range. However, there is little space for the middle passenger’s leg. Therefore, the Datsun Go should be treated as a four-seater car. The Go+ offers an extra third seat row, but it is for children rather than adults and it does a good job of accommodating them. It would be better if Datsun equipped the Go+ with three-point seatbelts in addition to lap belts here.

Datsun Go+ rear seat

The rear seat of the Datsun Go+ is most suitable for accommodating two kids 

Boot space measures 265 litres, which can be expected from a car of this size. If you desire for a car with a larger boot but on a limited budget, the Go+ with a folded third seat row is highly recommended for you, which will offer a 347-litre space.

There is still some room for improvement. To be more specific, the interior storage space might be a source of discomfort for passengers in the rear. Except for the only one bottle holder in the centre, the two vehicles have no other storage space for the rear passengers.

3. Datsun Go and Go+’s powerful engine and performance

Looking at the specifications, the numbers live up to your expectations. The two vehicles receive power

from a 1.2-litre petrol engine with three cylinders which can deliver 68PS of max power and 104Nm of peak torque. The power is sent to the four wheels through a 5-speed manual transmission. These have not changed much on the new model. The engine seems to be energetic and quick to accelerate. Nevertheless, it is not as fast as the outgoing car, which might be because of the 150kg increase in weight done by Datsun to add more reinforcements to the chassis with a view to complying with the latest crash-test requirements. When travelling on the expressway, it seems to be out of breath, so to arrange your overtakes beforehand is a must. However, these cars are deliberately developed to travel in the city where it does a good job and you can rarely complain about it.

2018 Datsun Go and Go+ engine

The all-new Datsun Go and Go+ are powered by a 1.2 litre 3-cylinder petrol motor

4. Datsun Go and Go+’s riding quality and handling

You will be comfortable when travelling inside the city. With four passengers, the ride is much better. If you go slowly, we can hardly hear any sounds, but when accelerating, the car emits some noise, which can be a little bit annoying. 

Both of the two Datsun's twins come with a 10mm increase in ground clearance because of the bigger 14-inch wheels, which requires a different suspension system. The suspension does a good job of undulation and speed breakers, which properly cushions you. More surprisingly, the two cars have maintained this characteristic at faster speeds, when the cars remain steady over obstacles on the road.

With respect to handling, both of 2018 facelifted Datsun Go and Go+ are specifically designed for city use. They offer a light steering, which allows you to turn quickly on road. However, they should be maintained at a two-digit speed to optimize the passengers’ comfort. What’s more, you should not change lane too quickly at three-digit speed. 

2018 Datsun Go and Go+ running on the road

The facelifted Datsun Go and Go+ are most suitable for travelling in the city

5. Final verdict on the Datsun Go and Go+

The Datsun is priced in the range from Rs 3.29 lakh to Rs 5.69 lakh, which is more attractive than before. Datsun has maintained the strong points such as the powerful engine, the high-quality riding and handling as well as improving the weak points.  The more fashionable design, the thoroughly modernized interior, especially a breakthrough in the safety kit make the car much more exciting than previously. However, there is still room for improvement such as the some above-mentioned absent features and the plastic quality.

2018 Datsun Go and Go+ on the sand

The 2018 facelifted Datsun Go and Go+ really deserve your consideration

Datsun Go and Go+ deserve some of your consideration right now. They have improved a lot in comparison with what they were earlier in terms of all aspects. Give them a try and enjoy driving in the two newest products from a newly-revived Indian automaker.

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