2019 Hyundai Creta EX Variant To Arrive Soon

by Vivaan Khatri | 29/03/2019
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It has been reported that Hyundai Motor will introduce a new EX variant of the Hyundai Creta to replace the current E+ version

Hyundai Creta is Hyundai’s second best-selling model in India. Within the particular space of the compact SUVs, Hyundai Creta is the king. For such a great demand for the SUV, Hyundai has offered this SUV in seven variants including E, E+, S, SX and SX Dual tone, SX (O) and SX (O) Executive option. According to Autocar’s report, the E+ variant will be replaced by the all-new EX. Compared with the E+, the new variant is better equipped and has greater comfort.

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The EX will come with extra features like front fog light DRL, rear armrest with a cup holder and adjustable rear seat headrest along with rear parking camera. These features will come as standard in both diesel and petrol trim of the EX line. However, the diesel EX will receive special treats like a 5.0 touchscreen audio system and steering mount audio control, front USB charger, two tweeters and map light with sunglasses holder. However, the new EX will not be available with front power outlet like the current E+.

Hyundai Creta orange front look

Hyundai Creta EX comes as a well-equipped variant at the lower end of the product range

Apart from the addition of a new variant, Hyundai will also put an end to the S automatic diesel variant. It also means that there is only one diesel-automatic powertrain option left, which is the SX.

Regardless of the current changes on the line-up, the powertrain setting on the Creta range remains the same. It will continue to feature the two diesel and one petrol option – a 1.4-litre and 1.6 diesel engine and another 1.6-litre petrol unit. The smaller engine could deliver 90PS and 224Nm while the bigger engine is good for 128PS and 265Nm. On the other hand, the petrol engine comes with 123PS and 154Nm on tap. The 1.6-litre engine trims are all available with 6-speed manual and 6-speed automatic gearbox while the baby 1.4-litre diesel engine comes with a 6-speed manual transmission only.

Hyundai Creta is now available at the starting price of 9.6 lakh and could go up to 15.64 lakh. The late E+ grade is priced at 10.0 lakh for both petrol and diesel version. With newly added features, the price of the new EX is expected to be a tad higher than the previous E+.  

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