2020 Hindustan Ambassador Imagined Digitally

by Yatharth Singh Chauhan | 17/02/2020
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While the Hindustan Ambassador has been out of production since 2014, it is rumoured that the PSA Group will introduce a brand new version that can easily fit into the modern world

There's simply no denying that the Hindustam Ambassador has been one of the most iconic cars in India. The production of this vehicle started in 1958 and continued till 2014, thereby making it the longest production run in the entire industry. The Amby, as it's fondly called, is based on the Morris Oxford Series III model and the Indian version retained the base design, which, then, remained unchanged through its lifecycle. While there were hopes of a reincarnation of the 'Grandpa's car' when Peugeot acquired the rights for using 'Ambassador' brand name from Hindustan Motors a few years ago, the rebirth of the sedan is yet to happen. 

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Meanwhile, several rendering artists have come up with their own take on the modern version of the Hindustan Ambassador. The latest to join the fray is the digital rendering you see in the video above. As can be seen towards the end of hte video, the reimagined Amby offers an amalgamation of retro charm and modern styling cues. The basic silhouette hasn't taken much of a deviation from that of the original vehicle, while bits like new headlamps and wrap-around taillamps add a touch of newness to the instantly recognizable profile.  

Overall, the latest rendering of the Hindustan Ambassador fuses the old world charm of the original model with several modern traits, like those of sleeker pillars, flush-fitting lighting elements and plastic bumpers. Again, details like a flat bonnet and flared fenders have been retained, which help form a connection with the original model. However, the above sketch is a rather basic rendering of the side profile, which means there are currently no visuals of the front and the rear. 

The reimagined Hindustan Ambassador in the above video is, at best, a figment of an artist's imagination. Like we said, we're yet to see the reincarnated Amby from Peugeot and even the official details on this subject are scarce at the moment. Rumours abound that the PSA Group might reintroduce the Ambassador moniker as a sub-brand to market its EVs, while others opine that the new version of the iconic Indian car would be a gasoline-powered sedan that would share aplenty with one of the existing models in the French carmaker's lineup.

On the whole, future of the Ambassador moniker continues to look uncertain at the moment but that certainly won't stop the enthusiasts from visualizng a brand spanking new version that would fit in today's world. 

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