2020 Seven Seater Hyundai Creta To Share Platform With Kia SP2i

by Vivaan Khatri | 19/03/2019
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Hyundai Creta will get a major update in 2020, in which it is going to be available with the seven-seater layout as well.

Ranked as the second-leading automaker in India, Hyundai’s models usually lose out to Maruti, the biggest car brand, in most segments. But, it is not the case in the compact SUV market where Hyundai Creta is making the highest profit. The current Hyundai Creta has been around for more than three years with one minor mid-life update and in 2020, it is expected to get a major new-generation revision.

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Hyundai Creta 2020 red color front look

Hyundai Creta will undergo a thorough upgrade in 2020

At the moment, Hyundai is unrivalled in the segment and keeping a good space ahead of other models in the segment. That’s said, there is nothing certain about its future popularity, especially when arrays of new models, like Tata Harrier, Nissan Kicks, Kia SP2i, Skoda Kamiq, Volkswagen T-Cross, are flocking to the SUV space. Hyundai is in need for a total overhaul and the 2020 updates are expected to reverify Hyundai’s dominance in the segment.

kia sp2i concept car at display

Hyundai Creta will take in the platform that will underpin the upcoming Kia SP2i

Hyundai Creta 2020 is expected to share the same platform with the Kia SP2i which is also its future rival. The new platform sourced from its subsidiary Kia would allow the Creta to gain significant growth in dimensions that could be interpreted into larger cabin space. Hyundai also aims to reach out to a wider audience by extending its price range toward the more expensive end. A seven seater version is likely to be available in the next generation upgrade and will take on the Jeep Compass.

Not only replacing the old platform, but Hyundai is also going to pull out a comprehensive cosmetic make-over. It will be strongly inspired by the Hyundai Santa Fe, earning a slim swept back headlights and cascading front grille.

Interiorly, Hyundai Creta, even though already being feature-rich, is going to take it to the next level by offering more bells and whistles while keeping the price competitive. The engine also receives its accordingly updates to meet the upcoming emission standard.

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