All-new Maruti Gypsy (5-door Suzuki Jimny) Visualized Digitally

by Kshitij Rawat | 03/04/2020
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Suzuki Jimny (new Maruti Gypsy) will be sold in India as a 5-door SUV rather than the regular 3-door version. Take a look at what it might look like.

Apart from confirming Suzuki Jimny’s launch for India, several media reports have also suggested that the India-spec Jimny will get a conventional five-door layout, like a regular SUV. The Indian car market is extremely sensitive to price and practicality. A five-door version might not only be more practical, but also a great alternative to the likes of Mahindra TUV300.

Suzuki Jimny will be introduced in India as the new Maruti Gypsy

Suzuki Jimny will be introduced in India as the new Maruti Gypsy

Suzuki Jimny Mk4 (fourth generation) was launched internationally in 2018, and in 2020, Suzuki decided to showcase the car at Maruti’s stall during the Auto Expo. It managed to grab a lot of attention from enthusiasts and potential buyers, so the company could have decided to finally launch the car in India as well. Currently, there is only one manufacturing facility for the Jimny, which is Suzuki’s plant in Kosai, Japan. According to plenty of media reports, Maruti is already busy setting up local production for the Jimny in India. 

There are enough chances of the new model making it to the market as the All-new Maruti Gypsy. However, we're yet to get an official word on the nomenclatur. Considering that 'Jimny' is already on the minds of many enthusiasts, the company might even stick to the original name, However, in such a case, the 'Sierra' suffix will be dropped as Tata owns the trademark for it. The Gypsy was first introduced to the Indian market in 1985. It was based on the long-wheelbase version of the second-generation model of the Suzuki Jimny (also known as Suzuki Samurai in a few markets). The car was quite popular among automobile enthusiasts in India, although a majority chunk of car buyers steered away from the car, owing to its relatively thirsty engine and lack of creature comforts.

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New Maruti Gypsy 2020 (Suzuki Jimny Sierra) Showcased | Auto Expo 2020

In 1998, the third generation Jimny was launched internationally, but it was never brought to India. Instead, the second-gen model soldiered on as the Gypsy. It was severely outdated by modern SUV standards, and as it couldn’t meet the revised safety and emission norms by the Indian Government, Maruti decided to pull the plug on the Gypsy.

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Suzuki Jimny will be sold as a 5-door Maruti Gypsy

Suzuki Jimny Mk4 will be sold as a 5-door SUV in India

On the other hand, the Mk4 Suzuki Jimny is available in two variants- Jimny and the Jimny Sierra. The former is powered by a 0.66-litre, turbocharged, inline-3 petrol motor, which produces 64 PS and 96 Nm. The latter utilizes a 1.5-litre, naturally aspirated, inline-4 petrol unit, capable of generating 102 PS and 130 Nm. Only the ‘Sierra’ version, which is available internationally, will be brought to India.  

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