A Plane Crashes into Tesla Model X, Owner Left Unhurt

by Mohammed Burman | 21/09/2018
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Oniel Kurup and his son were in the car when a plane crashed. He contacted Tesla for support, but everyone believed that he was telling jokes.

The compact plane is a Cessna 206, a product of Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). During training, the DEA airplane got a mechanical problem, which was probably the reason why the pilot had to land it roughly. The collision transpired at Sugar Land, Texas with three agents on the plane. Before colliding on to Tesla Model X, the plane met with some power lines and vehicles. The pilot was left unharmed but a special agent got injured and immediately taken to the hospital. Luckily enough, by now he has returned from the hospital.

One of the vehicle that the plane struck was Oniel Kurup’s Model X. His vehicle got damaged but he and his son, despite being shaken, were left totally unhurt.

plane crashes into the Tesla Model X

The Tesla Model X protected the life of Oniel Kurup and his son in a plane crash

Today, Oniel Kurup wrote on his Facebook to confirm with his friends that he and his son are fine and also express his panic at the accident. He emphasized that it was such a narrow escape and it is only a matter of a second for a tragic accident to occur.

Onial Kurup's tweet about the accident

Oniel Kurup informed his friends of the fact that he and his sone are totally fine

As can be seen on the Tweet, Elon Musk commented on the incident in a friendly way, expressing his pleasure when both Oniel Kurup and his son are fine.

Kurup and some other Model X owners have credited the SUV to secure them in crashes. There have been reports about cases in which Tesla vehicles protected the drivers from death.

Tesla has always made every endeavour to design the vehicles comprehensively safe to earn the highest safety rating, which has been done for Model X and Model S. We have to wait for the results of the Model 3 crash tests, but the similar results are expected. 

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