All To Know About The Audi Elaine EV Concept

by Mohammed Burman | 02/02/2019
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The next EV product from Audi is going to be the E-Tron Sportback-based Elaine concept, which has a travel range of 500km with an individual in-car assistant. Read on to discover the next luxurious EV of Audi.

While the sales team of Audi are in the process of marketing and selling their first EV, the E-Tron, the R&D team at Ingolstadt of Audi has already come up with the second one, the Audi Elaine in the concept form. Debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show along with the Audi Aicon EV concept, the Audi Elaine is a more advanced-equipped version of the Audi Sportback concept. Let’s take a closer look at this premium EV by Audi, which is expected to offer both the driver and the passengers with a luxurious travelling experience with all the advanced technologies and powerful performance.

1. The Audi Elaine has a glamorous on-road appearance


In terms of proportions, the Audi Elaine measures 4,900mm in length; 1,980mm in width and 1,530mm in height with a 2,930mm wheelbase. These dimensions put the Audi Elaine in the C segment.

 Dimensions Audi Elaine
 Length  4,900mm 
 Width  1,980mm 
 Height  1,530mm 
 Wheelbase  2,930mm 

Exterior features

The most outstanding feature of the Audi Elaine concept EV will be the lighting technology. The front and rear Matrix LED projectors in the front and rear which can be digitally controlled deliver a wonderful light yield, making the light harmonious with the surroundings. This technology lends the car a miracle appearance on the road.

Audi Elaine exterior

The lighting technologies give the Audi Elaine a glamorous on-road presence

2. The Audi Elaine is equipped with the most cutting-edge technologies

AI Zone

The Elaine setup and infrastructure is ideal for a driverless mode. Besides predicting road obstacles, it can also autonomously drive. The driver only needs to park the car in the right position. After that, the car will autonomously drive into a parking garage which offers numerous services such as car wash, charging, etc.

Thanks to the AI, the smart Audi Elaine can even identify a parking space on the roadside and accurately park itself into it. The vehicle will then, at a time which has been preset, return to the handover area to get prepared for the next journey. Drivers can track all the activities of the vehicle and even add new tasks through an application.

Audi customers will soon be familiar with the time-saving and the greater comfort with Audi AI in the Audi Elaine, which will soon become an IoT vehicle and can smartly interact itself with users. The project of developing a standard interface for an array of smart equipment and web-based vehicle-specific applications is ready and will help Audi optimize the passengers’ travelling experience in its products.

Audi Elaine AI Zone

The AI Zone in the Audi Elaine gives it the ability to autonomously drive

Personal Intelligent Assistant (PIA)

This intelligent personal driver assistant functions like a Siri or Alexa and can help the driver free from as many routine actions as possible. Thanks to the AI methods, this system intelligently combines data from various sources together: the car, the driver, the traffic projections, traffic jam reports and the Internet. This system also reacts to voice inputs and can automatically communicate with the driver. It also observes the driver’s habits and autonomously controls a wide range of applications: music selection, Audi connect service selection, temperature control, navigation, parking space suggestion, and regular distance with the other vehicles maintenance on the highway and then give recommendations.

Audi Fit Driver

Audi has equipped the Elaine EV with the most cutting-edge features and technologies to ensure the optimal safety and comfort for the driver as well as the passengers. The car can track the driver’s fitness level and health conditions to help improve his/her health. The Audi Fit Driver collects and transforms the most important specifications such as the driver’s heart rate and body temperature. If the car recognizes any signs of fatigue or stress, it will adjust itself and offer breathing exercises and seating massage to provide a relaxing and protective experience for the driver. Thanks to this system, the Audi Elaine driver can diminish stress and increase concentration.

Audi Elaine interior

All the cutting-edge features in the Audi Elaine will ensure the driver and the passengers a comfortable travelling experience

3. The Audi Elaine has multiple driving modes

The Audi Elaine is available with an all-electric powertrain system which includes a single motor for the front wheels and two motors for the rear ones, generating a combined power output of 429hp. The special mode is good for a max power of 496 and helps the car accelerate from 0 to 100khph in 4.5 seconds. The Elaine EV has a 95kWh battery package and also a 150kW fast-charging one. Audi is targeting the travel range of about 500km/a single charge. The concept car is also equipped with the Audi’s Highway Pilot, which is a Level 4 autonomous steering system with a more modern version of the zFAS controller, allowing the car to pilot-free driving with a speed of up to 130kph. This element also enables the car to change the lane, provided that the speed is between 60kph and 100kph.

Audi Elaine running

The Audi Elaine is available with multiple driving modes

4. Audi Aicon – The higher level

Here we would like to introduce to you the Aicon concept, which is even the higher level of modernity of the Elaine EV concept. This concept will get rid of the conventional driving wheel, cockpit and pedals to offer the passengers the most luxurious and comfortable experience with the cutting-edge digital communication and infotainment technologies. Adopting the Level 5 automated driving tech, the Aicon is claimed by Audi to have a reduced the potential accidents numbers. Moreover, the Audi Aicon is also replete with a mini drone which will lighten the walking path of the passengers in darkness.

Audi Aicon concept

The Audi Aicon will be a breakthrough in the driverless technologies of Audi

Coming back to the Audi Elaine, while still in a concept model, the Elaine is a potential EV which will mark a closer step of the German luxury auto manufacturer towards a modern, self-driving technology which is catching the attention of global auto buyers in recent years. With a glamorous on-road presence, a cutting-edge cabin with top-notch features and technologies and multiple smart engine options, the Audi Elaine EV is expected to be a popular vehicle with international auto buyers, especially those who prefer an effortless drive with an utmost comfortable and luxurious experience.

Audi has made no official announcement as to the Indian launch of the Audi Elaine E. In a price-conscious market like India, there is a little likelihood that such a modern luxurious car will be launched in the country. But before the Indian launch, let’s look forward to the Audi Elaine EV in its production model coming to the international market in the near future, maybe with a different name and more updated features.

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