Andhra Pradesh Government Strives For 10 Lakhs EVs On Road by 2024

by Mohammed Burman | 09/03/2019
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Andhra Pradesh Government has declared that it is targeting for 10 lakhs EVs on road by 2024. This policy, though sounding ambitious, is expected to attract large investments and offer new employment opportunities.

Recently, in the Andhra Pradesh Energy Innovation Summit 2019, Andhra Pradesh Government has announced its target for increasing the number of EVs on the roads to 10 lakhs by 2024. This will create marvellous opportunities for new employment and investment. The state government hopes that in the foreseeable future, there will be only EVs being driven in Amaravati, the capital of Andhra Pradesh and all the ICEVs will be banned.

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Andhra Pradesh Energy Innovation Summit 2019

Recently, Andhra Pradesh Government has announced its target for 10 lakhs EV by 2024

In the course of reaching these ambitious targets, 60,000 people are estimated to be given new employment and over INR 30,000 crore will be invested. The government has also given the green light to R&D on EVs with an investment of INR 500 crore.

More than 11,000 buses from the State Road Transport Corporation will be transformed into environmental-friendly vehicles. All the vehicles, regardless of the segment they belong to if used by the government will be electrified in five years from now. Moreover, to create a strong basis for the electric vehicles, Andhra Pradesh Government will also enhance their charging network with one lakh charging stations, both slow and fast expected to be established by 2024.

Green number plates will be specifically developed for zero-emission vehicles and three wheelers will be banned from travelling on the roads. The state will also encourage electric public transport and fleet vehicles before private ones as part of Andhra’s effort to electrify all the vehicles in the state in the future.

The policies will motivate home-grown automakers like Mahindra, Tata and even Maruti Suzuki to invest in the state in the EV segment. Kia, which will soon make its debut in India, already has its facility in Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh. The South Korean car manufacturer has also presented the Niro and the Soul EV to the state and signed an MoU as part of ‘Future Mobility Partnership’.

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Kia Soul EV white among a crowd

The Kia Soul is one of the EVs which have been presented to the Andhra Pradesh Government

What do you think about these policies of Andhra Pradesh state? Do you think that the target of 10 lakh EVs by 2024 of the state can become real? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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