Autonomous Honda Osen Allows You To Take A Bath During A Journey

by Mohammed Burman | 25/06/2019
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Hanbeom Lee, a Korean designer, has designed a driverless Honda Onsen with hot water bath facility provided inside the car

Driverless cars have opened up potentialities for many breakthroughs in technologies. One of the most recent exciting breakthroughs is the hot water tub equipped inside the Honda Onsen, which is a concept car conceptualized by Hanbeom Lee. The Honda Osen is an all-electric vehicle with a driverless control system, which allows it to be equipped with a warm bath so that the driver can take a bath and relax during the journey.

honda osen with bath tub

Honda Osen is an autonomous car which offers an interior bath tub for is occupants.

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Thanks to the all-electric system, the car will have quite an amber cabin although it is only slightly larger than the Volkswagen Golf. Inside the car is a spacious lounge and a facing-back bench which can be found on high-end cars. However, the most interesting part is the second half which accommodates a bath which you can jump into to enjoy a relaxing bath.

This half is actually a special cylindrical cell which uses the gyro technology to remain suspended and watertight. Once the driver sends a request to the car by only a button pressing, the cabin will be filled with water. Once you have finished your bath, the water will be funnelled out of the cabin by an outlet.

honda osen with bath tub design

The second half of the car uses the gyro technology to fill the cabin with water at the driver's request.

The concept car is called by its designers “a vehicle with an autonomous control system, ideal for swimming.” Particularly, chairs in this car are equipped with a massage function and also can prevent the steam from entering the salon.

The advent of driverless vehicles has allowed the designers to come up with many interesting ideas. However, we wonder whether this one will ever become a reality.

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