Here's The Wildest Mahindra Thar We've Ever Seen

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 31/03/2020
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Here's a Mahindra Thar modified to take on the trickiest of the terrain, deepest of the ruts, and steepest of the inclines. Check it out.

Mahindra Thar is the nearest one can ever reach to a Jeep Wrangler in just around Rs. 10.00 lakh. It is one of the most most affordable, and even the most popualr, off-roading vehicles around, which means it has sold well enough to not look too special anymore. Today, however, we came across one hooligan of a Thar modified by Punjab-based Sarbloh Motors. The Thar has been modified for the Mahindra Adventure campaign. And it does look ready to take on any terrain you throw at it.

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Here's The Wildest Mahindra Thar We've Ever Seen

The modified Thar was prepared for Mahindra Adventure campaign and was named as 'Draco'.

The modifications on this Mahindra Thar include an external roll cage, custom fenders and offroad bumpers, which make it look outlandish from every angle. This Thar boasts some really serious modification that improve its offroading abilities as much as they give enough visual drama. On the front, it gets a massive winch. It retains stock headlamps but an additional LED bar is mounted in between them. It also gets a solid axle at the front, which isn’t the case with the factory-spec Thar. The tyres have been replaced with chunkier MT rubber. To help it wade rivers, the modifier has plonked a snorkel and it also sits a lot higher than the stock car.

Here's The Wildest Mahindra Thar We've Ever Seen

This Thar gets its fuel tank mounted on the rear bed of the car.

The frame of this Mahindra Thar has been chopped-off to increase the departure angle. Also, there’s a customized metal bumper on the rear end, which houses a winch. The fuel tank is now mounted on the rear bed of the car. Alongside the fuel tank, it also gets a cylinder to store air to inflate or deflate a tyre on the go.  On the inside, this Thar gets its stock seats replaced with a set of bucket seats.

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Although, if you are planning to get a Thar home and customize it, sadly, you can’t. Mahindra has stopped the production of Thar as the carmaker is developing next-generation of its SUV. It is expected to be re-introduced in the 3rd quarter of this year. The next-gen Thar will also be a much more refined and modern product than the discontinued version of this iconic vehicle.

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