Here's the Most Radically Modified Maruti Omni Ever

by Kshitij Rawat | 09/04/2020
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Check out the wildest, off-road-spec Maruti Omni to ever exist. The car has been built by Indi Garage and Holyshift for a YouTube video series.

Remember Maruti Omni? The little van that was used for taking people forcefully in movies, and for taking kids (forcefully) to school in real life? Jokes aside, the Omni was one of the most practical cars of its time. Introduced to the Indian market in 1985, the Omni had a tiny footprint, small engine (same as Maruti 800), and relatively great interior space. Due to updated safety and emission norms, Maruti Suzuki decided to end production of the Van in 2019. Here, though, we have the best modified Maruti Omni we could find on the internet.

Gymni front modified maruti omni

Modified Maruti Omni (Holyshift)

The Omni in the images here was designed for the season finale episode of ‘Holyshift’, Powerdrift’s mockumentary series about a group of friends customising cars and motorcycles in their garage. Many of our readers are fans of that show as well! The series walks us through the entirety of various mod-jobs, from the inception to the final product. This particular Omni van was perhaps their biggest challenge in the series, befitting a finale. Let’s walk you through all the changes.

Gymni side profile

The van looks off-road ready

One quick look at the vehicle and you’re instantly smitten by its ruggedness. The van has been raised a few inches and its chassis has been reinforced with bull-bars all around. At the front, a pair of auxiliary lights sits on top of the bumper, while four more lights sit on the roof bar. There are two tow hinges, one of each side of the number-plate.

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At the side, you’ll notice the high-profile knobbly tyres with custom branding. The wheel arches have been machined off, and you get a small metal step instead. There is also a side step for the rear passenger door. To further add a little character to the car, there are jerry-can-mounts above the rear wheels.

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At the rear, there’s a significantly large carry-rack, enough to place a custom motorcycle on it! The bike you see below is a modified Bajaj Pulsar, affectionately named Papa Smurf (because of the blue paint scheme). There is a roof rack for additional functionality, with a spare wheel and rear-facing LED auxiliary lights.

Gymni rear profile with Papa Smurf mounted

The modified van is as rugged as it is utilitarian

All the additions made here would’ve made the car feel underpowered, so the powertrain and drivetrain were swapped. The engine bay of the Omni is tiny, so a 1.0-litre from an old Gypsy (MG410) was picked, along with the differential. The Gypsy had an offset differential, which had to be modified in order to fit in the centre transmission tunnel of the Omni. Spacers were then added in order to fit the wheels.

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As the van is an amalgamation of the Gypsy and the Omni, it was named the Gymni. Yes, it’s also a tribute to the Suzuki Jimny (which wasn’t on the cards back then but is now! Check that story). For more interesting automotive content, keep following IndianAuto.


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