BS4 Maruti Gypsy Registers Sale of 541 Units Last Month

by Vivaan Khatri | 06/08/2020
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Last month, Maruti Suzuki has sold 541 units of the Maruti Gypsy even when the car was discontinued for the regular buyers a couple of years ago

Last year, Maruti confirmed that the Maruti Gypsy will be discontinued for good since Maruti decided not to upgrade this vehicle to meet the BSVI and the new safety regulations. At the moment, the SUV is excluded from Maruti’s line-up and is no longer available for mass customers. However, the company keeps producing these vehicles for Defense personnel.

maruti gypsy three quarter

Maruti Gypsy was discontinued last year for the regular buyers 

Prior to the Maruti Gypsy, Indian Army used the Tata Safari Storme 4x4 SUV for the GS800 category. However, this model has been replaced by the Maruti Gypsy. It is confirmed that last month, Maruti sold 541 units of the Gypsy to Indian Army, which is a small reduction compared to June’s sales with 718 units sold. But still, it is a decent sales for a discontinued vehicle.


718 Units of Maruti Gypsy In Spite of Being Discontinued - Here's How

It should be noted that these Maruti Gyspy are not BSVI-compliant. In fact, military-used units are under BSIV form. Moreover, these vehicles do not come with the standard safety features that are required on other regular vehicles. In other words, Maruti Gypsy misses out on ABS, airbags, parking sensors, or crash protection. Since the off-roader vehicle put a strong focus on the utility quotient, the Maruti Gypsy only offers a very basic and simple interior with barely any comfort and convenience-enhanced functions.

maruti gypsy front end

Maruti Gypsy is now available for military use only 

While the comfort and convenience are not Maruti Gypsy’s strong points, the SUV shows excellence in its off-road capability. Before discontinued, Maruti Gyspy derived power from a 1.3-litre three-cylinder petrol engine which can make 80 Bhp and 103 Nm. This engine is coupled with a 5-speed manual gearbox and power will be sent to four wheels using a two-speed transfer box.


Old is Gold: History of Maruti Gypsy

In the global market, Suzuki introduced the Maruti Jimny in several countries. This vehicle is the successors of the Maruti Gypsy. Two years after the global debut of the Suzuki Jimny, there is no sign that Maruti might want to bring this model back to our market despite the Jimny has attracted a considerable fan base in India.

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