Dilip Chhabria Launches Sanitizer Kits for Toyota Innova Crysta, Fortuner, etc

by Kshitij Rawat | 13/04/2020
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DC2’s latest innovation is the addition of electric sanitizer sprays in the cabin, along with medical grade partitions and appropriate ‘social distance’.

The unfavourable circumstances that have gripped the entire country has caused stagnancy in the economy. Almost every business has been affected by the nation-wide lockdown. Some businesses have adapted to offer essential services and products that will help consumers tackle the ongoing pandemic. DC2, Dilip Chhabria’s custom car house, is also taking a somewhat similar approach.

DC2 sanitized and distanced car interior kit

DC2 sanitized and distanced car kit


Signs of Pandemic That Drivers Often Ignore

DC2 has recently unveiled a new addition for their range of club interior kits. It includes a medical-grade partition between the driver and passenger cabins, clad with leather and glass, and an internally plumbed, Grade A liquid, electric sanitizer sprays. The sanitizer sprays are placed strategically over all the areas prone to touch and programmed to go off once every 20 minutes. You also get a year’s worth of disinfectant liquid for free with the installation. The company further claims over 6.2 feet of separation between the driver and passengers, dubbing it as a social distancing measure. There, however, isn't a similar distance between the passengers!

Of course, the package isn’t available for every car. It is readily available for Toyota Innova Crysta, Toyota Fortuner, Mahindra Marazzo, Kia Carnival, and Mercedes-Benz V-Class. Apart from that, the package can be custom ordered for cars like Audi A8, Audi Q7, Mercedes GLS, Maybach, BMW X7, BMW 7-series (Extended Wheelbase), Volvo XC90, Jaguar XJL, Land Rover Range Rover (Vogue and Sport), and Rolls Royce Phantom (Extended Wheelbase). A few readers may have noticed that all these cars are quite long, thus providing enough space inside the cars for the claimed distance in between the driver and passenger cabins. The disinfectant kit is provided free of cost; its price is included in your custom interior package.


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In other news, carmakers have been offering customers various additional services, to help increase sales during the lockdown period. Hyundai has been offering online shopping to its customers, as people are unable to visit showrooms and make a purchase. MG has been home-delivering cars after thoroughly washing and sanitizing them.

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