Discounts On Hyundai Cars Are Up To INR 1 Lakh This May

by Mohammed Burman | 13/05/2019
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If you are a fan of Hyundai cars, go straight to one of its dealers to have one delivered to your garage since many models in its portfolio in India are available with huge discounts this month.

Hyundai will introduce the long-awaited Hyundai Venue to the Indian auto market in the next two months. Nevertheless, before the first-ever connected SUV is launched, the second largest automaker is providing generous discounts on many of its models, including some hot-selling cars like the Hyundai Santro. The best-selling SUV in India, the Hyundai Creta is still offered with no discounts. Read on to discover all the discounts on Hyundai products this May. For your convenience of reading, we have listed all the cars in the order of the one with the largest discount to the smallest.

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Hyundai Grand i10

  • Total discounts: INR 1 lakh

The Hyundai Grand i10, which will receive a new generation in the near future, is available with the largest discounts this month, up to INR 1 lakh. To be more specific, INR 61,000 is being offered as a direct cash discount; INR 30,000 is available as the exchange bonus. Moreover, if you are working for a government company, you can save INR 4,000 more. Finally, there is also a corporate discount for INR 5,000 applicable for the Hyundai Grand i10 this May.

2017 hyundai grand i10 red front angular

The Hyundai Grand i10 is available with the discounts of up to INR 1 lakh this May.

Hyundai Xcent

  • Total discounts: INR 95,000

People who buy a Hyundai Xcent this month can save up to INR 95,000, which includes INR 50,000 as the cash discount, INR 30,000 as the exchange bonus and INR 10,000 as the discount for corporate customers. In the Indian auto market, the Hyundai Xcent directly competes against the Maruti Dzire.

2017 hyundai xcent blue front angular

Hyundai is offering the total discounts of INR 95,000 on the Hyundai Xcent this month.

Hyundai Verna

  • Total discounts: INR 50,000

An exchange bonus of INR 30,000 and a discount of INR 20,000 for corporate employees are available with the Hyundai Verna this month. The Verna is a quite popular sedan with multiple petrol and diesel motor options.

2017 hyundai verna grey side profile angle

You can also buy a Hyundai Verna at the discounts of INR 50,000 this month.

Hyundai Elite i20 and i20 Active

  • Total discounts: Rs 25,000

To increase its popularity in the fiercely competitive Indian hatchback segment, Hyundai is offering a total discount of INR 25,000 on the Hyundai Elite and its more robust Active version, the i20. The discounts include an exchange bonus of INR 20,000 and a corporate discount of INR 50,000.


Both the Hyundai Elite and Elite i20 are being available with the discounts of INR 35,000.

Hyundai Santro

  • Total discounts: INR 31,000

After its comeback to India after a several-year absence, the Hyundai Santro has managed to revive its nameplate with a great sales number. If you buy this Hyundai entry hatchback this May, you are entitled to a direct discount of INR 11,000 and an exchange bonus of INR 20,000.

2018 hyundai santro green front angle

You can save up to INR 31,000 when buying a Hyundai Santro this month.

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