Why You Should Not Use Your Car/Bike In Lockdown

by Kshitij Rawat | 27/03/2020
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Due to COVID-19, the Indian government has imposed a lockdown across the country. Driving and riding around town is currently a really bad idea.

As novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) sweeps the globe, the Government of India has declared a lockdown in the entire country. While essential services are still available in most of the states, curfew has been imposed on a few other states, with all services suspended except for emergency ones. It is essential for people to take precautionary measures to curb the spread of the virus. Sadly, there are a few people who aren’t taking the situation seriously, and taking their vehicles out for a spin on the roads.

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Numerous videos have been popping up online, rapidly consumed and spread by citizens sitting bored at home, where the police are cracking down on people out for joyrides on the streets. Although we do not condone violence or police brutality, disobeying the lockdown can have dangerous consequences and such people must be stopped. Staying at home is an absolute necessity. Exposing yourself to the virus not only puts you in danger, it also threatens your family and loved ones.

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If you have recently purchased a new car or motorcycle, and wished to show it off to your friends, you can still do so online, from the safety of your home. If you think a small joyride around town wouldn’t hurt anyone, well, think again. It will definitely hurt! There are police barricades everywhere, and if you’re area is under curfew, you might even be arrested. If not, the cops still have the authority to impound your vehicle, which would be extremely inconvenient during these times. Of course, there is the added disadvantage of sanitised batons being used by the cops for a thorough beatdown.

Why You Should Not Use Your Car Or Bike In Lockdown

Police are vigilant for people disobeying the lockdown

There, however, is no need to panic. If you need to purchase medicines or are seeking medical care, you can still drive around. If you come across police during such a case, calmly explain your need and you’ll be allowed to carry on. This is only applicable for states in lockdown. For states with a curfew imposed, that isn’t an option. Thankfully, doctors and ambulances are still available, so even though you can’t go for a check-up, the check-up can come to you! You can still step out to buy essential supplies, like food and household items, albeit for a limited time window in the morning. Please make sure you only buy what you need. Panic buying will only lead to wastage. It’s better to only stock up for a few days, and replenish only after your resources are exhausted.

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Dear reader, IndianAuto thanks you for your cooperation in fighting Covid-19. Stay home, stay safe. For interesting automotive content and the latest news, keep following us.

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