Evera EV Cab Service To Offer 100 Per Cent EV Fleet in Delhi-NCR

by Jatin Chhibber | 05/12/2019
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Evera promises things like no surge pricing, no cancellation on drivers' end, cleanliness in its cars, no pollution, and an initial fleet of 500 vehicles.

Prakriti E-Mobility, a Delhi-based startup, has recently announced that it will offer a line-up of 100 per cent electric vehicles for an app. The app, called Evera, will help users avail EV cab services. This service will be introduced in the Delhi-NCR region this month only. Initially, Prakriti has plans to offers 500 electric cars on the Evera app, but it will get increased by 5000 EVs in the next 2 years. Moreover, Prakriti also stated that all-electric cars will be driven by trained and professional drivers. 

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Front poster shot of Evera

This service will be introduced in the Delhi-NCR region this month only

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Evera promises things like, Zero Surge Pricing (No increase in price depending upon the road and traffic conditions), Zero Cancellation (Only customers will have right to cancel the trip), Zero Odour (Prakriti promises to keep its EVs clean), Zero Emission (All the cars will be 100% emission-free).

“We wanted to provide customers with delightful service and give them an opportunity to contribute to the cause of cleaner air as well. Evera as a service is not only focussed on getting customers from point A to point B but will also contribute towards the greater good of the planet.”

“To ensure that our customer enjoys the experience of riding with us, it is one of our utmost priority that our drivers go through multiple training exercises to enhance their behavioural and driving skillsets. The App-based EV Cab service is one of a kind to enter the market in India. From surge charge to emissions of toxic gases, Evera is the answer to all the complaints that regular riders face in our country.”

- Nimish Trivedi, Co-Founder and CEO, Prakriti E-Mobility Pvt Ltd

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Side shot of EV charging station

The biggest obstacle electric vehicle segment face is the availability of charging stations

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At the moment, the biggest obstacle electric vehicle segment faces is the lack of EV charging infrastructure on Indian roads. This can only be countered by development and construction of charging stations all over the country. Moreover, to minimize the dependency on on-going chargers and infrastructure in the NCR region, Prakriti is in partnership key discussion building-up their electric vehicle charging stations. Let's hope the 

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