Ferrari to Launch 15 New Models Before 2022

by IndianAuto Team | 21/09/2018
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Ferrari, the Italian sports carmaker has recently announced to launch up to 15 new models by the time of 2022 as a part of the new five-year strategy under the new boss.

The Italian sports carmaker – Ferrari intends to launch 15 new models by 2022 which is the end of the five-year period, under the strategy from the new chief executive. The new boss, Louis Camilleri took the helm at Ferrari in July, following the death of Sergio Marchionne. He schedules to increase the profits twice and move towards to hybridize 60 percent of the brand's range. He expected the plan to be "ambitious" but also "do-able" and based on a detailed framework.

slide of model Ferrari launch

The Italian sports carmaker – Ferrari plans on launching up to 15 new models by 2022

With the aim to expand the growth and secure the company's future, the automaker now plans on doubling the profits from its current €1 billion to €2 billion by the end of a five-year plan which is 2022. Accordingly, the increase in terms of target margin is up from around 30 percent to a projected 38 percent.

2 ferrari cars balck and silver color

 The automaker intends to double the profits

Particularly, in the next four-year stage, the car manufacturer gears up splitting the production line into four pillars which are 

  • Sports 

  • GT

  • Special Series 

  • A new hypercar range (dubbed 'Icona')

All 15 cars have been proposed by Camilleri to be launched over the next four years. The first two models of the 'Icona' range has recently revealed at Maranello. Ferrari's long-mooted SUV will be a part of its GT range which will run on plug-in hybrid propulsion.  There is no specific launch date has been confirmed yet. However, it is a model that is more likely to arrive closer to 2022 than today.

Ferrari car red color with 2 models

All 15 cars have been proposed by Camilleri to be launched over the next four years

As for the supercar launch, Ferrari is looking to capitalise on its Formula 1 achievement with a new limited-edition open-top racing-style supercar. The Sports series currently includes 

  • The 488 

  • The 488 Spider

  • The 812 Superfast

The rest of the Sports profile will move to a fully hybrid powertrain by 2022, including a new mid-engined model, set to be "a real supercar in the standard range". 

Ferrari car a cut of the wheel red color

The rest of the Sports profile will move to a fully hybrid powertrain by 2022

The Monza will be offered the single-seater and two-seater versions as part of a new range dubbed Icona. The Monza is intended as a flagship of the classic Barchetta which is a racing car produced between the 1940s and 1950s. It will have an 810-horsepower V-12 engine and a lightweight carbon-fibre body. The car will take just three seconds to reach 100km/h. The Monza was first shown to investors and customers late on Monday. It will break the cover at the Paris motor show which takes place next month. The prices are also revealed as well.

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