Bodyshell of Ford's 'Baby Bronco' Revealed In New Spy Images

by Mohammed Burman | 23/09/2019
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While the official name of the Ford Baby Bronco has not been revealed, the upcoming SUV is certain to borrow the platform from the Ford Escape and to make its debut in 2020.

Social media have used the ‘Baby Bronco’ to refer to the new model; however, it is not the market name of the upcoming SUV. The production model of the SUV is highly likely to be named ‘Bronco Adventure’ or ‘Bronco Sport’. Recently, new spy images of the Ford Baby Bronco have revealed its silhouette. The Baby Bronco will borrow the platform from the Escape. Nevertheless, unlike the instead of the soft conservative styling of the latter, the former will feature a boxy shape which will give new SUV a more rugged appearance. A closer look can also reveal the panels which exaggerate the angular shape. The boxy appearance will also lend the ‘Baby Bronco’ a unique appearance by establishing its own identity from the Escape but still be connected with the legendary Bronco.

2020 ford baby bronco spied side profile

The Ford Baby Bronco will feature a boxy design.

The above images of the uncamouflaged body reveal the small rear quarter window and the angled C-pillar which make the Broco look more stylish. Meanwhile, the straight lines and upright stance give the new vehicle a high street presence.

ford baby bronco spied rear angle

The spy images of the uncamouflaged Ford Baby Bronco body reveal its stylish appearance and high strret appearance.

Apart from the platform, the new Baby Bronco will also borrow the motor options from the Escape. Specifically, the new SUV is expected to be powered by four engine options: a 1.5-litre 3-cyl turbo gasoline burner with 180 HP, a 2-litre 4-cyl turbo petrol unit which can generate 250 HP, a 2.5-litre 4-cyl hybrid petrol motor making 198 HP and a plug-in hybrid unit with 209 HP.

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The Baby Bronco will be debuted in 2020 but the exact time has remained unknown. The company seems to be planning to launch an entire lineup of Bronco-branded rugged-looking SUVs. This might even consist of a pick-up truck which would go on sale in the US car market in 2022.

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