Ford India Sold 20,678 Units in Total Last Month

by Mohammed Burman | 03/09/2018
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Ford India totally sold 20,678 vehicles last month, including 126,606 exported items and 8,043 domestically traded ones.

Last month, total Ford India’s sales have grown by 31%, to 29,648 units in comparison with 15,740 units sold in the same period of time in 2017. The number of exported items increased to 12,606 units while that was only 7,963 units in 2017 August. As for the domestic market, the company sold 8,042 units in 2018 August, marginally increasing by 365 items, compared with the same month last year when the number of items sold was just 7,777 items.

Ford Freestyle dark orange colour angular look

Ford India's sales rose by 31% last month

Moreover, Ford India has also devoted almost Rs.1.6 crore to Kerala flood-affected victims. The company has also decided to provide customers with a wide range of special offers such as

  • Free engine oil replacement

  • Increase in Ford Road Side Assistance (RSA) fleet and Free towing of affected vehicles

  • Appointment with civil engineers in all Ford facilities to approve of insurance claim instantaneously

  • A discount of 50% on parts claimed with insurance.

  • The company has also established its Advik Ford facilities in the state capital, Patna. The new dealership extends 18,000 square feet and has 16 service bays.

With the growth in sales both domestically and internationally, charitable activities and the extension of services, Ford is looking forward to a recovery from a slump for the past time.

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