Ford Motors, GM Motors and Tesla Offers Help For Manufacturing Medical Equipment

by Vivaan Khatri | 25/03/2020
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Ford Motors, GM Motors and Tesla are all willing to step in to manufacture and provide ventilators as well as other medical equipment in case of shortages.

The whole world is now at war with a wide-spread global pandemic caused by the Coronavirus. Cities are locked down, factories are put to a stop and people are now starting working from home. With more and more inflection cases emerging from around the world, we're afraid that our current medical system will be overloaded and as a result, there will be a lack of medical equipment. In this alarming situation, some of the world-leading car brands are showing their willingness to support the administration in case of equipment shortage. Ford Motor, General Motor and Tesla have offered to manufacture and provide ventilators and other medical equipment if needed.

patients with ventilator

With increasing COVID-19 cases, the medical system might see a shortage of medical equipment

Since the Coronavirus will affect the respiratory system, the people infected with this virus are likely to suffer from respiratory illness. So the ventilators are considered very crucial equipment for the treatment of corona infection, especially when the patients are in critical condition and require ventilator for breathing support. In fear the current medical equipment factories can not meet with the increasing demand, Ford, GM and Tesla asserted that they are willing to step in and produce ventilator in case of shortage.

As per a statement issued by Ford Motor Company, the car brand is ready to provide support for the administration in this war against the COVID19 outbreak by providing ventilators as well as other equipment. It is said that the company has had “preliminary discussion with the US government and is looking into the feasibility.”

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ford manufacturing facility

Ford, GM and Tesla are ready to help with the manufacturing of medical equipment if shortages occur

General Motor also expressed the same intention to help the government in case of medical equipment shortage. In its recent statement, GM Motor revealed that they are having a conversation with the White House about the feasibility of producing medical equipment. Another American car manufacturer, Tesla confirmed that they are willing to help, too. Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, replied to a user on Twitter, saying, “We will make ventilators if there is a shortage.”

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At the moment, manufacturing industries including the car industry are impacted by the coronavirus outbreak with many producing facilities across the global has to shut down. Given the current hardship, carmakers’ offer to help should be treasured and their manufacturing prowess can make a big difference in this battle against the COVID-19 pandemic.

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