Ford Mustang EV Revealed With 900 Horsepower and Six-speed Manual

by Harish Kumar | 07/11/2019
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Ford Motors has unveiled its Mustang-based electric vehicle at 2019 SEMA show. The Ford Mustang Lithium EV will have a grand debut on the 17th of November, 2019.

While the Ford Mustang Lithium EV is waiting for its world’s premiere on November 17, enthusiasts can get a glimpse of the electric Mustang right now at the ongoing 2019 SEMA show in Las Vegas. The Mustang Lithium concept, as its name suggests, is an electric vehicle. The musclecar EV has managed to create a lot of buzz at the show, owing to its 900 HP electric powerplant along with a 6-speed manual transmission.

Ford Mustang Lithium EV: First Look | Ford Motors

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The Blue Oval has teamed up with Webasto to work on this one-off Ford Mustang Lithium EV and no matter how you feel about electric cars, there’s no denying that the Mustang EV is a vehicle of pure performance. The Mustang Lithium EV uses a monstrous 900 Horsepower electric motor and a drag-race-ready 6-speed Getrag manual transmission, which is usually given a miss on other electric vehicles. Perhaps the most shocking news for auto fanatics is that the Mustang Lithium EV comes paired with a manual transmission. Essentially, it is a modified version of the Getrag MT82, upgraded to withstand 1,356 Nm of torque.

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ford mustang lithium front angle

Ford Mustang Lithium EV has shocked show-goers in SEMA, Las Vegas with its 900 HP and manual transmission.

The electric Mustang uses an 800V battery system, similar to the one found in the Porche Taycan, instead of a 400V one used in conventional electric cars. The battery has been sourced from Webasto, and will propel the electricity up to a megawatt of power while it reduces heat and weight. That said, for the uninitiated, that’s basically two times higher the capability of most electric vehicles you can find in the market today. Even the output can be fine-tuned from a 10.4-inch touchscreen that enables you to choose torque settings between humble “valet” and epic “beast”. With Ford’s plan to penetrate heavily into the realm of the electric vehicles in the next few years, the Ford Mustang Lithium EV can be a bridge to lure in customers to the new generation.

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