Freebies Offered at Madhya Pradesh’s Fuel Pumps to Encourage Fuel Sales

by Mohammed Burman | 12/09/2018
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Fuel pumping stations in Madhya Pradesh are providing special offers to customers with a view to keeping their sales.

The program goes like this:

At some pumping station, tea and breakfasts will be offered free to drivers who buy 100 litres of fuel. At others, 2-wheeled vehicles and electronic equipment will be provided for customers who purchase a certain fuel quantity.

Other offers include a watch, bicycle and mobile phone if you buy a 5,000 litres of fuel. You can get free sofa, wardrobe kits, or a 100g silver coin if the amount of fuel bought is 15,000 litres. The offers are a washing machine and a conditioner or a laptop on the purchase of 15,000 litres and 25,000 litres of fuel, respectively. More impressively, buying 1 lakh litres of fuel can help you receive a free motorcycle or a free scooter.

Customers can receive a special free item, depending on the amount of fuel they buy

Fuel prices in Madhya Pradesh are listed as one of the highest in the country with the VAT being 27% on petrol and 22% on diesel. The fuel price in the state is about Rs. 5 a litre more than that in its adjacent states. As a consequence, even the locals have chosen to refuel outside the state.

It has been reported that sales have gone up since Madhya Pradesh introduced these offers. Nevertheless, the government is still required to reduce taxes. 

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