Goldrush Rally Founder Causes Serious Accident in a Modified Porsche Carrera GT

by IndianAuto Team | 10/04/2020
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A massive accident involving Goldrush Rally Founder, Benjamin Ben Chen took place on April 7. The driver was found being impaired by drugs.

The driver of a Gemballa-tuned Mirage GT, which is a super-rare, highly-modified version of the Porsche Carrera GT, had lost control and wrecked into 12 other cars and 1 pedestrian on the roads of Manhattan, US last Tuesday. The CCTV footage of the accident has gone viral on the social media for the last several days.

Video by VinArchives

The 33-year-old driver here is Benjamin Ben Chen who is the founder of the notorious Gold Rush Rally – an annually-held event that welcomes auto enthusiasts drive on the public roads across some states for about one week. Ben Chen then has been charged with reckless driving and controlling a motor vehicle while being impaired by the used of drugs.

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Ben Chen is also known for being a supercar collector who owns a range of exotics. The Carrera GT was acquired by the man in 2014 which was intensively modified and re-painted in blue to pay homage to his late father. Chen also gets 378,000+ followers on his instragram and frequently posts pictures of his vehicles like this modified Porsche Carrera or Mirage GT.

porsche carrera gt accident images

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The Mirage GT struck many vehicles on the roads, speeded away from the first several collision and finally stopped by crashing into a vehicle that appears to be a Toyota car. Police revealed that Chen seemed “alert and conscious” when he arrived at the scene but he was then found being impaired by drugs. That’s a morning that the Porsche owner and many others would like to forget.

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