Government Considers Making Nitrogen Inflation In Tires Mandatory

by Vivaan Khatri | 11/07/2019
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It is possible that the nitrogen inflation in tires will become compulsory for all vehicle. Tyre manufacturers could also be required to mix silicone with rubber.

In the latest development from the car industry, it has come to light that Nitrogen-filled tyres might become compulsory for all vehicles in India as the government is considering implementing new regulations for tyre requirements. Moreover, it is possible that the Road Transport and Highway Ministry will introduce the new regulation mandating the tyre companies to mix rubber with silicon. Raising the bar for tyre manufacturing is essential for increasing the quality as well as the safety of all vehicles. Nitin Gadkari, Ministry of Transport, said, “We are considering making it mandatory for tyre manufacturers to mix silicone with rubber in tyres and fill them with nitrogen instead of normal air.

nitrogen vs air inflation

To increase the tyre quality, nitrogen inflation will become compulsory

Nitrogen inflation has many advantages over the traditional compressed air filling practice. Tyres inflated by nitrogen tend to retain at more stable temperature than the regular tyres. As we all know, overheating is not good for tyre quality as well as the riding quality of the car. In the worst case, the excessive heat could cause the tyre to burst out and lead to serious aftermath. Stable tyre temperature also ensures a constant tyre pressure, which is generally good for fuel efficiency and the emission reduction. It is estimated that nitrogen inflation could increase the fuel economy by 3 to 6 per cent during its life span. One disadvantage of nitrogen tyre inflation is its high cost. However, in India, vehicle tyres are usually inflated with normal air while nitrogen inflation is practically unheard of.

nitrogen inflation

Besides the possible mandatory of nitrogen tyres, a set of new safety-related norms are also ready to kick in

Mandating nitrogen inflation is in agreement with the government’s recent effort to improve safety in vehicles. From April, ABS has become compulsory in all vehicles. The upcoming safety regulation which will be implemented from July 7 requires features like dual airbags, rear parking sensor and seat-belt reminder and high-speed alert to be standard in all cars. The government is also planning to broaden the mandatory safety feature list to include advanced features like ESC (electric stability control) and AEB (autonomous emergency braking) in 2022. Next year, new standards for pedestrian safety will also come into effect.

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