Great Wall Motors WEY P01 Looks Similar To Ford Bronco

by Vivaan Khatri | 27/07/2020
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Great Wall Motors just released teaser images of the upcoming WEY P01 which seems to share a lot in common with the new Ford Bronco. Will this be another copycat car from a Chinese carmaker?

Chinese car brands have made headlines multiple times due to their blatantly copycat designs. These Chinese car models have stolen the design from various globally successful cars from Range Rover, Rolls Royce, to name a few. Even though this practice is widely detested, and some Chinese car brands have even faced legal issues because of their copied car designs, these consequences could not put an end to this disgraceful practice. Recently, Great Wall Motors, a Chinese car manufacturer, has released some teaser images for the new WEY P01. This SUV appears to be a heavily inspired version of the Ford Bronco which was just introduced for the US market.

wey p01 teaser image

WEY P01 is an upcoming SUV from the Great Wall Motors

WEY is a sub-brand under Great Wall Motors’ ownership. The car brand is planning to introduce a new SUV codenamed WEY P01. According to the latest teaser images, this car features a strong resemblance with Ford Bronco. As per the teasers, the Wey P01 will feature similar round headlights with strikethrough LED DRLs, boxy front grille along with an identical bonnet with same ceases. The overall boxy and upright silhouette matches with the Ford Bronco’s. The WEY P01’s design is not entirely similar but it unarguably borrows a lot from the Bronco.


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At the moment, Great Wall Motors has not revealed much information about the upcoming SUV apart from a small detail suggesting that the WEY P01 will get a double-wishbone independent front suspension and integral bridge-type suspension for the rear. About the design, the above teaser images are all we know by far. The interior is not revealed yet. The Chinese car brand also keeps the drivetrain details under wrap. It is expected that there will be more details released in the following weeks.

ford bronco

Ford Bronco is ready to go on sale in the first quarter next year 

In the meanwhile, the Ford Bronco is getting great attention for car enthusiasts across the globe after the styling reveal early this month. Ford Bronco will make a return to the market after years of discontinuation next year. On its comeback, the car is redesigned with a strong focus on the off-road capability as well as the rugged styling. Based on the initial market response, it is quite sure that Ford will gain massive success with the new Ford Bronco.


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We will have to wait to see if the Ford will take any action against Great Wall Motors’ misconduct. In the past, Land Rover and Piaggo have filed charges against Chinese companies that copied their design and won the case.

About the Great Wall Motors, the Chinese car manufacturer was planning to make an entrance to the India market. However, the company’s entrance plan was put on hold due to the current tension between the Indian and Chinese government.

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