Hatchback Sales Chart in November 2018: Segment Drop, Datsun redi-GO on rise

by Vivaan Khatri | 17/12/2018
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As the year is going to the end, the auto market in general and the hatchback segment is seeing a drop in demand.

November’s sales chart is continuing to be dominated by the Maruti Alto. With the total sold unit of 18,000, the Maruti Alto retains the number one spot despite having a drop in demand. The Alto is still well ahead with 73.49 per cent share of the market. Maruti has once again proved its power in the hatchback segment.

The hatchback segment is in general plunging in sales. However, there is one exception that is doing well is the Datsun redi-GO. Indeed, it is the only car that has increased demand this month with 13.11 per cent increase this month.

The second most-sold model is the Renault Kwid. It also sees a drop in demand with 5,419 units sold, which is 10.2 per cent lower than the previous month’s sale.

Edging at the end of the chart is the poor Eon. Unlike the hot hatch new Santro, the Eon is having a hard time. Before the launch of the Santro, it is rumoured that it will mean the end for the slow-selling Hyundai Eon. But Hyundai has confirmed that the Eon will not be discontinued. In November, there is only one unit sold. At the moment, Hyundai seems to be too happy about the success of the Santro and totally forgot about the Eon’s existence.

Datsun redi-GO red color front look

Datsun redi-GO is experiencing a rise in sales, going against the ongoing trend of the whole segment

The whole entry-level hatchback segment is seeing a 13.63 drop in sales this month but the upcoming month might be a bit brighter due to the year-end discount. Moreover, many automakers confirmed their price hike as soon as the year starts, customers will rush to the showroom to by car before things get expensive.

  November 2018 (Units) October 2018 (Units)  Growth (%)
 Maruti Suzuki Alto  18643  22180  -15.94
 Renault Kwid  5419  6035  -10.2
 Datsun redi-GO  1302  1151  13.11
 Hyundai Eon  1  5  -80

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