Honda’s “Talking Car” Customer Interface Introduced At Showrooms

by Mohammed Burman | 29/11/2018
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An interesting customer interface called “Talking Cars” has been introduced by Honda Cars India at all the showrooms of the company all over the country.

The unique interface allows the car to illustrate the features to the customers during their test drives. Honda has first equipped this new interface in the new Honda CR-V and then it will spread to other Honda cars soon.

Honda CR-V interior

The "Talking Car" application has been installed on the Honda CR-V first and then the other Honda cars

Commenting on the introduction of the “Talking Car” customer interface, the Senior Vice President & Director, Sales & Marketing, Honda Cars India, Mr Rajesh Goel, stated.

“Honda is committed to introduce innovative solutions that offer delightful customer experience in areas of sales and service. Test Drive is a critical part of the car purchase process. The ‘Talking Car’ concept is part of our digitization efforts at our dealerships which will offer a differentiated and user-friendly experience to our customers for understanding the car and its features.”

The “Talking Car” interface can analyze the car’s features after sensing the trigger points from the customers’ driving patterns. For instance, when the customers are driving the car and the brakes start functioning, immediately, the application will explain in details the safety features of a particular model such as the airbags or the ABS with EBD. Likewise, if the interior is selected, its material and features of the specific car will be analysed.

The “Talking Car” application is set up on the digital device which is arranged and mated to the vehicle’s Audio System. In terms of the operation of the “Talking Car” application, it will receive the information on the basis of driving responses and generate explanation on the main features of the automobile. According to Honda, this interface provides the customers with a test drive experience in a more interesting manner in which they can drive the car and listen to the analysis of the key features at the same time.

Honda Cars India headquarters 

The "Talking Car" application is part of Honda's strategy to optimize the customers' experience with Honda cars

The Japanese car manufacturer and their products have been popular with Indian auto buyers for a long time. Now, with the introduction of a user-friendly application, Honda is expected to offer the Indian customers a pleasant test drive experience with a view to increasing their sales in India and reinforcing its position in the Indian auto market at the same time. The next product from Honda for India is going to be the 2019 Honda Civic projected to be launched here by the first quarter of 2019. The new Civic sedan is reported to be sold in India as a CKD (completely knocked-down) unit and locally assembled in the country to make it more affordable. Let's expect that Honda will also offer the interesting "Talking Car" application on this new car to optimize the test drive experience of the customers. 

2019 Honda Civic exterior

2019 Honda Civic is expected to be the next car with the new "Talking Car" interface to come to India

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