Hyperion XP-1 – The First Hydrogen Fuel-Powered Supercar in The World

by Vivaan Khatri | 21/09/2020
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It is confirmed that Hyperion will launch X1 as the first hydrogen-electric supercar in the world.

Hydrogen fuel cell electric car is one of the potential alternatives for traditional fuel-powered vehicles. Compared to the battery-based electric cars, the hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are much less popular. In fact, there is only a small number of carmakers producing cars using this new technology. Hyperion is one of the rare car manufacturers that are working developing production-ready hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Hyperion XP1 will earn the title of the world’s first hydrogen fuel cell supercar.

hyperion xp1 three quarter

Hyperion XP1 will be the first hydrogen fuel cell supercar in the world 

In recent months, Hyperion has dropped several teasers for the upcoming hydrogen-electric supercar. Lately, the carmaker has finally revealed the XP1 at its full glory. The new hydrogen-electric supercar has not yet reached the production-ready form. However, by looking at the revealed specs, we can totally set high hope for this new cutting-edge car.


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Exteriorly, the Hyperion XP-1 has that muscular and exotic nature of a supercar. The exterior design of the XP-1 is not only charming but also very functional. Behind the car door, there are two futuristic flying buttresses which improve active aerodynamic at high-speed cornering. These buttresses also function as solar panels. Interesting, they can change positions to follow the trajectory of the sun.

It is revealed by Hyperion that the XP-1 will be a new all-four-wheel vehicle with a three-speed gearbox. This powertrain helps the XP-1 to sprint from idle to 96 kmph in less than 2.2 seconds. The supercar can reach the top speed of 356 kmph. The most impressive specification of the hydrogen cell fuel is its range of 1609 km on one fill. Moreover, Hydrogen applies a technology that allows the refuelling process more convenient and easier. It is claimed the XP-1 would not take more than five minutes to refuel.

hyperion xp1 top view

Hyperion X1 will offer a host of advanced technologies 

In addition, Hyperion will source the cutting-edge technologies developed by the world’s leading institutions and firms including NASA for building the XP-1. One of the aspects that Hyperion put a strong focus on is to “revolutionize the hydrogen refuelling industry”. The lack of refuelling infrastructure is a major obstacle of mainstreaming hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.


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Hyperion claims that the new XP-1 will be built on a carbo-titanium monocoque platform with titanium-reinforced composting bodywork. The hydrogen will be kept on a carbon-fibre tank. The use of these materials has significantly contributed to the light-weight quality of the upcoming supercar. It is estimated that the Hyperion only weighs around 1030 kg.

The Hyperion XP-1 is scheduled to go into production in 2020. Hyperion plans to make 300 units of the hydrogen-electric supercars. The price of this car is not revealed yet.

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