Hyundai County Electric Minibus Launched In Home Market

by Vivaan Khatri | 03/07/2020
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Hyundai County Electric was launched as company’s first electric bus for its home market. Check out the latest information about this new electric minibus here.

Electric vehicles are gaining popularity not only in the private vehicle segment but also in the public transport space. It is widely known that public transportation usually prioritizes vehicles with a low running cost. For that reason, EVs which are an affordable option to run will be a perfect choice for public transportation needs. Recently, the biggest carmaker in South Korea, Hyundai, has launched its first electric minibus named County Electric.

hyundai county electric front end

Hyundai County Electric is currently launched in the Korean market

As per the specifications revealed by the carmaker, the Hyundai County Electric will be powered by a 128 kWh lithium-ion battery. This minibus features a range of 250 km per charges. It takes 72 minutes for this battery to be fully charged via the standard Combo 1 DC system. Using the household 220V charger, the total charging time is 17 hours. One of the strong points of the electric minibus is the faster acceleration. It is revealed that, between the 50 kmph and 80 kmph, this EV minibus’s acceleration is 30 per cent faster than the diesel models.


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Hyundai County Electric offers the seating capacity of 15 to 33 seats. The added weight of the battery is handled by the adoption of the electrical air-over-hydraulic brake system and disc brake.

hyundai county electric minibus

Hyundai’s first electric minibus comes with full-loaded safety kit and comfort features.

In addition, Hyundai also puts a strong focus on providing “tremendous safety and convenience features” for the car occupants. To ensure safety for passengers when getting on and off the bus, Hyundai has equipped the County Electric with multiple sensors around the middle door. If something gets stuck while the door is closing, the sensor will ring the alarm and the door will be automatically opened. Moreover, if a passenger is still moving, the acceleration pedal which is connected to the sensor will be immobilized, stopping the car from moving. Moreover, the minibus is equipped with a virtual sound system that emits engine sound so that the pedestrians and other drivers can be aware of the approaching electric bus.

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While reversing the bus, the driver is assisted by a rear parking system and the bus also sports a virtual engine sound system to alert pedestrians and prevent accidents. It gets a twin swing-type rear emergency door, seats with a 220-mm-higher backrest, and a new seat belt system which Hyundai says reduces abdominal pressure during emergency braking. Other safety features like dual swing rear emergency door, new seat belt are also included on the County Electric.

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