Hyundai Creates A Beautiful Art Car To Honour The Tucson N Line

by Mohammed Burman | 26/03/2019
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To honour the N Line performance variant of the Tucson, Hyundai has joined hand with the artist Andreas Preis to create a Hyundai Tucson N Line art car.

Some days ago, Hyundai revealed the first-ever N performance SUV, the Hyundai Tucson N Line, which is based on the Tucson. Despite borrowing the engine with the same power and torque output from the normal version, the SUV has caught the attention of the whole SUV community with its sharp appearance and sporty ride quality, thanks to the stiffened suspension and refined steering.

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To pay tribute to the Tucson N Line, Hyundai has decided to collaborate with the artist Andreas Preis, who is an expert in live paintings, illustration and murals to illustrate a unique Tucson N Line art car with the theme ‘Drive A Statement’. To create an art version before displaying the real model to the public is recently a popular trend among auto manufacturers to celebrate the new product.

2019 Hyundai Tucson N Line art car angular left 

The Hyundai Tucson N Line art car is the result of the collaboration between Hyundai and artist Andreas Peris

Andreas Preis has combined chequered flags, curbs, chicanes and corners into the design of the art car. Taking the inspiration from the Hyundai N’s motorsport heritage, it features an attractive design. Inspired by the colour of the Hyundai’s i30 N TCR and i20 Coupe WRC models, the model has a base colour of engine red with light blue, black, red, white thin stripes all over the body.

The design of the art car also emphasizes the real product’s new features like its newly designed grille, new black-bezel headlamps with redesigned DRLs, sleek black accents on the side mirrors, dark alloy wheels and a rear spoiler. All of these features contribute to the more aggressive and sportier appearance of the vehicle.

2019 yundai Tucson N Line art car front, side and rear

The design of the art car highlights the new features of the real Hyundai Tucson N Line performance variant

Preis spent 72 hours transforming the art car with great attention to details. It will soon be showcased in some events in Europe soon and will go on sale there soon.

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