Hyundai Introduces An Upgraded Version of “Click To Buy” Platform

by Vivaan Khatri | 05/06/2020
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Hyundai has introduced an improved version of the Click to Buy retailing platform, which now lets the customers choose their respective dealers and offers increased convenience.

After an extended period of nationwide lockdown, the automotive market has resumed activities recently. On returning to the market, the carmakers are more conscious about the customer’s health and safety concerns. Therefore, the carmakers have introduced various initiatives to address this issue. Utilizing online retailing platforms is one of the key solutions during the time of coronavirus breakout. Hyundai who has been showing rigorous attempts to fight the odds caused by the pandemic has introduced an enhanced version of its “Click to buy” online retailing platform.


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Hyundai has introduced the latest version of the "Click to buy" 

It is claimed that the upgraded version of Click to Buy developed by Hyundai is the first platform to provide an end-to-end online buying experience. Click to Buy was first introduced in March. Since then, the company is continuously developing and improving the system to offer a better experience for the customers. According to Hyundai, since the launch of Click to Buy platform, it has gained more than 15,000 registrations. Around 5 to 10 per cent of them have been successfully converted to sales.


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Click to Buy allows users to experience a seamless, contactless, and hassle-free buying process. Moreover, it is the only retailing platform that covers all stages of the purchasing course in our market while most car selling platforms in India are only providing online booking. The recent upgrades have offered some notable enhancements as mentioned below

  • Provide on-road prices

  • Improve finance option for buyers

  • Offer effective and fast loan approvals

  • Offer special promotion deals

Along with these major updates, the new version also gets some additional functions and offers like delivery time estimation, car sanitization for delivery, and test drive bookings. It is also revealed by W S Oh, Executive Director of Corporate Planning, Hyundai Motor India that Hyundai will give customers using Click to Buy platform special incentives, starting from July.


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hyundai click to buy

Hyundai is offering all products on its products at the Click to buy platform

Rather than being an independent retailing channel, this online platform also serves as a medium to generate sales for Hyundai’s offline sales outlets of over 600 dealerships across the country. All vehicles on Hyundai’s range including the recently-launched Hyundai Creta and the Verna facelift are now available for sales via this online retailing channel. Apart from Hyundai, other car brands are also gearing up for launching their online comprehensive car selling platform especially in the context of increasing awareness of the contagious microbe.

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