Hyundai's Luxury Brand Genesis To Enter India Market With A SUV

by Vivaan Khatri | 16/07/2019
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Genesis is reported to partake of India market soon with the launch of an all-new SUV.

Hyundai has become a well-established car brand in India with a massive share in the market. In the future, Hyundai Motor Group will expand its market presence by introducing new car brands. Starting off with the Kia, Hyundai’s sibling, the Korean automobile giant will go on and introduce its luxury division, Genesis, to India buyers. The introductory product of this high-end brand is expected to be a luxury SUV.

genesis gv80 concept car three quarter silver

Genesis will introduce their first SUV in the following year

Compared with other car brands in the market, the Genesis is still a fresh face. Introduced two years ago, Genesis was mostly known for its luxury sedans. The name Genesis derives from Hyundai Genesis sedan model. Hyundai has picked up the Genesis nameplate to be the name of its new luxury brand and renamed this model ‘G80’. Until now, Genesis’s portfolio consists of sedans only. However, in the following years, the luxury division of Hyundai will tap into the SUV market with two new SUVs in the pipeline. Its first SUV is expected to be inspired by the Hyundai Palisade/Kia Telluride. And the other model is likely to be based on the Hyundai Tucson SUV. Names for these models are GV80 and GV70 respectively. Hyundai has not confirmed which model will be brought to India. As far as the speculation goes, the GV70 has a better chance in India market than the GV80 as the GV70 is developed from the Tucson which has been already available in right-hand-drive form. Plus, Hyundai assembly facility for Tucson platform is available in India.

2019 hyundai tucson blue side profile

Hyundai-Tucson-based Genesis GV70 is more likely to be introduced to India customers

Genesis’s new focus on the SUVs overlaps with the Indian market’s current preference for SUVs. India market is seeing a substantial rise of SUVs segment. Almost every carmaker in play is vying for a piece of this booming segment. It seems to be the right time for Genesis to penetrate into the Indian market. Previously, with sedans only, the South Korean would stand little chance for success in our market due to the lack of interest for sedans in general.

Reportedly, the new SUV from Genesis will be imported through the CKD channel (completely-knocked-down). It also means that Hyundai could lower the price for this premium SUV. It will not take long for Genesis to take the wrap off their first SUV. Globally, the GV80 will be ready for launch next year. Tucson-based GV70 will follow in 2020 or later.

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