Here’s an Indian Barber Who Owns a Rolls Royce!

by Kshitij Rawat | 26/03/2020
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Check out the story of Ramesh Babu, a multi-millionaire barber who owns a multi-crore cars collection including Rolls Royce Ghost, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, etc.

Everyone wants success, but not everyone achieves it. Some people are born with a silver spoon, while others have to toil hard each day for two square meals. That said, there are some real-life success stories where people have overcome their circumstances to achieve everything they’ve ever wanted. This, here, is the success story of one Ramesh Babu, who started off as barber in Bangalore, and now is multi-millionaire.

Ramesh Babu Barber Rolls Royce

Ramesh Babu poses with two of the most expensive cars in his fleet

Ramesh had a very difficult childhood. His father passed away when he was only nine years old, leaving him and his family in poverty. Their only source of income was his father’s salon, which was rented out to his uncle for Rs. 5 a day. To take care of his mother, grandmother, and siblings, Ramesh had to drop out of school and look for employment.

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Ramesh tour and travels

Ramesh Babu's fleet consists of multiple luxury cars

Ramesh then took over the salon and began his own hairdressing business. With some luck and a lot of hardwork, he managed to earn a name for himself. With his popularity, he started earning well enough to make ends meet and accumulate some savings as well. Being a pragmatic man, he decided to invest those savings in another business. In 1994, Ramesh bought his first car, a Maruti Omni, and started a rental service. Soon his business expanded, and in 2004, he had seven cars under his umbrella. Now, he is the owner of a fleet of over 200 cars!

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Ramesh Babu Rolls Royce Barber

Even with such success, Ramesh Babu still operates his barbershop in Bangalore

His first client was Intel, which had just started its office in Bangalore. He took care of the office’s transportation needs until the year 2000. After that, his transport business started gaining more clients. Majority of Ramesh’s cars are luxury cars and are mostly rented out to famous Bollywood celebrities, like Aamir Khan, Salman Khan, and Aishwarya Rai, etc. His fleet consists of cars like Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, Honda CR-V, Toyota Innova, BMW 5-Series, Mercedes-Benz E-Class, BMW 7-Series, Mercedes Benz S-Class, Mercedes-Benz Viano (old-gen V-Class), and a Rolls-Royce Ghost. Even with such tremendous success, Ramesh Babu still operates his humble hair salon on St. Mark’s Road in Bangalore, and that too for just Rs. 100 per haircut.

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