It Takes Over Rs 1.1 Crore to Create First-ever Tattooed Car

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 24/03/2020
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You might have seen some of the most beautiful tattoos ever, but only on human skin. Here's a tattooed Lexus UX, check it out.

A tattoo is an art form where people get their skin inked in some amazing patterns. We haven’t seen anything other than human skin getting tattooed till date. Lexus, however, had changed our thoughts. The carmaker decided to celebrate the fine craftsmanship and traditional Japanese artistry by tattooing a UX SUV. It is one of the first of its kind. The job has been performed by a famous tattoo artist Claudia De Sabe, based out of London. To let the Lexus fans experience this job, Lexus has released a short film revealing how the job was accomplished in a duration of six months from the drawing board to the final car.

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It Takes Over Rs 1.1 Crore to Create First-ever Tattooed Car tattoed lexus ux

The tattooed Lexus UX.

Talking of the price of this tattooed UX, Lexus says it does not have a price tag yet. The expected value of the job would be northwards of 120,000 Euros, which is equivalent to Rs. 1.1 Crore. To tattoo the car, Claudia has used the Dremel tool to chip the paint off the car to reach the metal underneath. This way the artist could come up with a complex pattern of design. The grooves were later on painted with hands to bring out exciting details on the car. She also used a gold leaf to add a 3D effect to the complete job and accentuate the highlights of the tattoo. The last part of this tedious job was spray coating the complete car with lacquer as a final protective layer.

A short film by Lexus showcasing the complete process of tattooing a car.

“‘The best thing about tattooing the Lexus UX, and the reason why this car was ideal for the project, is its streamlined shape. Everything from the lines on the side of the body to the shape of the windows, everything is just so dynamic and beautiful. It was a perfect fit for the design and the concept itself,” said Claudia. According to Lexus, this job was performed as a tribute to the ‘Takumi’ craftsmanship, which is applied to every Lexus car.  Currently, Lexus sells 6 cars in the country. The Japanese carmaker’s lineup comprises of 2 sedans – ES and LS, 3 SUVs – NX, RX, and LX, and the LC Coupe.

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