Base Kia Seltos Slightly Cheaper Than Entry-level 2020 Hyundai Creta, Here’s the Complete Picture

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 18/03/2020
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Hyundai has priced the Creta quite cleverly with its petrol and diesel entry-level variants. However, how does it fare against the price tag of the Kia Seltos? We find out further.
Hyundai India has launched the new Creta at a starting price of Rs 9.99 lakh for its entry-level petrol and diesel variants. Evidently, the car is priced quite cleverly, with a starting price of just a shade under the Rs 10.00 lakh mark. However, the price of entry-level variants are different for petrol and diesel versions of the car. The Kia Seltos shares its platform, drivetrain, powertrain and other parts from the same bin as the all-new Creta. So how do these mechanically-similar twins fare against each other in terms of pricing? Here’s the complete picture for you.

1. 1.5L N/A Petrol (115 PS/ 144 Nm)

The Creta with the 1.5L N/A petrol option is offered in a total of 5 variants, namely - EX, S, SX, SX IVT, and SX(O) IVT. The prices for the base-spec EX variant is Rs 9.99 lakh, while the top-end SX(O) IVT is priced at Rs 16.15 lakh. On the other hand, the Kia Seltos is also offered in 5 trim options with the 1.5L N/A petrol engine. The variants in question are HTE, HTK, HTK+, HTX, and HTX IVT. With the 1.5-litre engine option, the Creta misses out on an E variant, which is offered with the diesel engine. Albeit, what you get is lesser equipment on board than the EX variant. The Seltos, on the other hand, has a lower starting price of Rs 9.89 lakh, which is Rs. 10,000 cheaper than the starting price of Creta.

 Engine Kia Seltos Ex-showroom Price Hyundai Creta Ex-showroom Price  Difference
     (A)    (B)  B-A
1.5 Petrol HTE 9,89,00 EX 9,99,000 10,000
HTK 10,29,000 EX 9,99,000 -30,000
HTK+ 11,49,000 S 11,72,000 23,000
HTX 13,09,000 SX 13,46,000 37,000
HTX IVT 14,09,000 SX IVT 14,94,000 85,000
    SX(O) IVT 16,15,000 -


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2. 1.4L Turbo-Petrol (140 PS/ 242 Nm)

The other petrol engine on offer with both these cars is a 1400cc turbo-petrol unit. It is offered in the GT-Line variants of the Seltos, while the Creta gets this engine option in the top-spec SX and SX(O) trims only. Seltos offers a higher accessibility quotient, by offering 5 variants with this engine, namely the GTK, GTX, GTX 7DCT, GTX+, and GTX+ 7DCT. Thus, the prices for the Seltos with this engine start at Rs. 13.79 lakh, while the SX trim of Creta with the turbo-petrol engine carries a sticker price of Rs. 16.16 lakh. However, the Seltos GTK is not as well equipped as the SX trim of the Creta.

 Engine Kia Seltos Ex-showroom Price Hyundai Creta Ex-showroom Price  Difference
     (A)    (B)  B-A
1.4 Turbo-Petrol GTK 13,79,000 - - -
GTX 15,29,000 - - -
GTX 7DCT 16,29,000 SX 7DCT 16,16,000 13,000
GTX+ 16,29,000 - - -
GTX+ 7DCT 17,29,000 SX(O) 7DCT 17,20,000 -9000


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3. 1.5L Turbo-Diesel (115 PS/ 250 Nm)

Contradictory to the other engine options, the entry-level variant of the Creta in diesel form is cheaper than that of the Seltos. The E variant of Creta has been priced at Rs 9.99 lakh, while the prices for Seltos diesel start at Rs 10.39 lakh. However, the top-spec SX(O) AT variant of Creta is priced at Rs 17.20 lakh, while the similarly-specced variant of the Seltos (HTX+ AT) is priced at Rs 16.34 lakh. However, the Seltos in its diesel avatar also gets a GT-Line variant – GTX+ AT, which has an ex-showroom price of Rs 17.34 lakh.

 Engine Kia Seltos Ex-showroom Price Hyundai Creta Ex-showroom Price  Difference
     (A)    (B)  B-A
1.5 Diesel HTE 10,34,000 E 9,99,000 -35,000
HTK 11,54,000 EX 11,49,000 -5,000
HTK+ 12,54,000 S 12,77,000 23,000
HTK+ 6AT 13,54,000 - - -
HTX 14,14,000 SX 14,51,000 37,000
HTX+ 15,34,000 SX(O) 15,79,000 45,000
HTX+ 6AT 16,34,000 SX 6AT 15,99,000 -35,000
GTX+ 6AT 17,34,000 SX(O) 6AT 17,20,000 34,000

With the above price and information, we can see that the Seltos has been priced lower than the Creta in almost every variant. Not just that, looking at the large number of variants on offer with the Seltos, Kia has made its first-ever model in the country a lot more accessible and offers a lot more variety as compared to Hyundai with the all-new Creta.




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