FIRST-EVER Kia Sonet To Be Delivered To Robot!

by Mohammed Burman | 14/12/2020
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Recently, Kia has utilized a humanoid robot to accept the delivery of the Sonet for the first time. Read on for more details.

Debuted in the Indian auto market in 2019 with the Kia Seltos, the South Korean automaker has made remarkable progress with several sales records in the country. After the pandemic, the demand for personal vehicles hiked and many automakers like Kia do not want to miss the opportunity to take advantage of the situation. The recently-launched Kia Sonet is one of the most well-equipped cars and affordable in the segment.

The South Korean automaker always makes every endeavour to attract people’s attention. Recently, Incheon Kia, a Kerala-based authorized Kia dealership has delivered a new Kia Sonet to a special customer in a special way. Specifically, a humanoid robot called Sayabot has been used to accept the delivery of an all-new Kia Sonet on behalf of Mr Jayakrishnan, the CEO of Asimov Robotics based in Kochi, Kerala. Noteworthily, the robot is used in all possible tasks like checking the temperature, differing eatables and delivering, which would help limit the contact, helping prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

kia sonet delivery robot


Kia Sonet Propels Its Carmaker to New Sales Record

As regards the Kia sales number. In October 2020, Kia Motors managed to sell over 20,000 units of its vehicles, making the overall sales number of the South Korean automaker amount to 153,159 units. The Kia Seltos remains to be the best-selling vehicle in the carmaker’s portfolio in India with a sales number of 127,613 units which accounts for 83.3% of the total figure. The new anniversary edition of the Seltos has recently been launched to celebrate the first anniversary in the Indian auto market.

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