Landwind X7's Production And Sales Discontinued After Land Rover Wins Lawsuit Against The Chinese Clone

by Mohammed Burman | 26/03/2019
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The production of the Landwind X7, the Chinese clone of the Evoque, has been shelved and its sales stopped instantly after the defeat in the court case by Land Rover

With the immense development in the last decade and advancement in electrification technologies, the Chinese auto market has attracted numerous international car manufacturers. Nevertheless, some of China’s local carmakers have been notorious for imitating the design and features of models from major global carmakers.

One striking example is Landwind with the X7, which is, in fact, the copycat of the Range Rover Evoque. The Landwind X7 was first revealed in 2015 and instantly aroused the serious doubt concerning its similar design to the Range Rover Evoque. With a much more affordable price tag as compared to the original model, the X7 has witnessed an enormous sales number since its launch. The vehicle soon became one of the most popular vehicles with Chinese car buyers who could not afford the Evoque.

Landwind X7 red colour angular right

The Landwind X7 has long been known to be an imitation of the Range Rover Evoque

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Since it is usually hard for the international carmakers to win the lawsuit against the local companies on copyright claims, the victory of Jaguar Land Rover is really remarkable. The owner of Landwind, Jiangling has been detected to copy five exclusive design components from the Range Rover Evoque by the Beijing Chaoyang District Court. Eventually, after nearly three years, JLR has attained the victory in the lawsuit regarding the copyright for its Range Rover Evoque. As a consequence, the Landwind X7’s production and sale will be discontinued right away. Moreover, the Chinese automaker has to pay a huge amount of compensation to JLR.

2017 Range Rover E white angular left

After almost three years, finally, JLR has finally succeeded in protecting the copyright for its Evoque

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Commenting on the victory in the lawsuit, Keith Benjamin, Global Head of Legal in Jaguar Land Rover expressed his gratitude to the Beijing court for coming up such a rational decision, which encourages the company to continue to invest in China and believe in the fairness of the Chinese courts. He also added that the verdict shows the law is being properly conducted so that both the manufacturers and the consumers can enjoy their rights to the fullest.

Apart from the Landwind X7, the list of other vehicles which are imitated by Chinese auto manufacturers is impressive, from the Toyota Innova to the Mitsubishi Pajero. Following the example of JLR, which has won a historic car copyright-related court case, many global brands are also expected to file suits against Chinese companies for copying their designs. 

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