Legendary Hummer SUV Range To Return, Will Have Electric Power

by Vivaan Khatri | 18/06/2019
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GM might bring the once-popular Hummer range of SUVs back to life, but this time, in the form of a battery-powered vehicle.

Hummer was among the most iconic off-road SUVs in automobile history. In 2010, the vehicle was discontinued, leaving the fans of this large vehicle in deep despair. The good news is, according to some reports, GM is in the discussion of whether or not reviving the Hummer. Sources suggest that the surge of SUV segment recently makes GM unsettled and that the firm is considering reviving the Hummer to regain its share of the market.

black hummer three quarter

Seeing the growth of the offroad SUV market makes the GM rethink about the reviving its famous Hummer

More importantly, GM is considering to bring the Hummer back as an all-electric vehicle, which comes as a true surprise for the long-time fans who were familiar with the macho SUV as a fuel-guzzler. If possible, this model might be pit against the electric SUV from Rivian, an up-and-coming automobile start-up that currently attracts investment from Amazon and Ford, to name a few. Especially, recently, Ford announced to invest $500 million for Rivian. In return, the American carmaker could benefit from the platform and technology of Rivian’s future electric vehicle. Interestingly, earlier this years, GM was also in the discussion for a partnership with Rivian; unfortunately, the GM-Rivian alliance was doomed.

Coincidentally, both of the manufacturers, Ford and GM, confirmed their intention to launch new electric pickups in the future. After failing contract with Rivian, GM gears up for zero-emission pick-up and SUV project itself. According to some sources, GM has already worked on developing the new electric SUV concepts, possible including the new Hummer. However, none of which is confirmed. Sharing about the Hummer's return, Mark Reuss, GM President, said “I love Hummer,” but also added, “I’m not sure. We’re looking at everything.”

hummer ht3 front

If possible, the Hummer is unlikely to launch earlier than the middle of the next decade

In the scenario that Hummer rebirth is passed, it would not be finished until the mid-2020s. Before getting into building an electric pickup or SUV, GM will mostly focus on developing the BEV3 platform which will mainly underpin small or mid-sized models including electric Cadillac SUV. Bigger off-road-capable vehicles will be at the focal point in the later stage, and they are likely to sit on a different platform.

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