Lifetime Ban For Wrong-Side Drivers In Gujarat

by Mohammed Burman | 21/12/2018
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In order to more radically deal with the wrong-side driving, traffic police in Ahmedabad have cooperated with RTO (Regional Transport Office) to ban twice wrong-side drivers for short.

Every year, thousands of Indian people die due to accidents caused by drivers totally neglecting traffic rules. To resolve this problem, the police in Ahmedabad has come up with a new initiative. The first-time wrong-side drivers will be lodged, the vehicle’s documents will be kept at the RTO, his/her license will be suspended for a period from 3 - 6 months. If the driver/rider travels on the wrong side for the second time, they will be blacklisted and not allowed to travel permanently.

accidents in mumbai ahmehabad highway

Traffic accidents have been an obsession of all Indian people

Commenting on the new rule, Sanjay Kharat, the District Commissioner of Police Traffic (West), stated,

“Earlier, driving licences could be cancelled if the offender was caught breaking rules for five times. But with the amended traffic laws, traffic police can recommend RTO to cancel the licence if the rule violator is caught in two offences.”

The new regulation is expected to give the Ahmedabad police more power and prevent drivers/riders from travelling on the wrong side. The police have made 7 driving license invalid on Tuesday and will continue to stick to this rule in the coming time.

Ahmedabad traffic

The new rule is expected to improve the bad traffic conditions in India

While only time can tell whether this rule is really effective or not, initially, it is a welcome move by the police to address the terrible traffic condition in the city, and hopefully, it will help people drive safely in the largest city of Gujarat. If lawmakers in other states of India establish the same rules, the fear of not being able to drive for the rest of their life is likely to prevent drivers/riders from travelling on the wrong road, which can result in safer roads and a reduction in death toll and injuries on the Indian roads.

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