Mahindra Atom EV Is A Bajaj Qute Rival, Launch Soon

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 14/02/2020
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Mahindra Atom is an electric Quadricycle that manufacturer showcased at the biennial motor show and is now all set to launch this the very first all-electric Quadricycle to go on sale in India

Mahindra showcased its Atom at the recently concluded 2020 Auto Expo. No, we are not talking about the manufacturer’s chemical composition, but the electric quadricycle instead. After the successful inculcation of a new class of vehicles – Quadricycle, Mahindra has its product ready for sale in the Indian market. The Mahindra Atom is an electric offering in that very class. However, Mahindra hasn’t revealed anything about the specifications, but it will have a power output of less than 15kW and a top speed lesser than that of 70 kmph. This is because a Quadricycle has to meet these standards. 

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The Mahindra Atom, being a Quadricycle, is designed with a much more modern approach than its chief rival. It is designed with a boxy silhouette that gives it a lot of space on the inside for 4 passengers, including the driver. With a minimalist design approach, the car has a face that would appeal to everyone as it looks lively without the use of any fancy element. There are clear-lens headlamps that are designed to be cost-efficient without any dramatic design element infused in them. The face of the Atom is a similar story as well. The use of black plastic gives the Atom a dual-tone treatment, but that has been done to save on some cost. The rear facet also uses the same design theory as the front. It is simple, plain, yet elegant.

Electric Powered Mahindra Atom Is A Bajaj Qute Rival, Launch Soon

The Atom has a 1+3 seating layout with an offset front seat.

On the inside, the Atom is not conventional. There is just one seat in the front row for the driver. The driver seat is mounted in an offset fashion, as it is neither in the centre and nor exactly on the right side. The lack of valency in seating orbital of the Atom is done to make ingress and egress easier for the rear seat occupants. In terms of features, the Atom comes equipped with AC to cool down the cabin during hot sunny days. Its key rival, however, lacks at doing so. The Atom also has a boot, which is nicely shaped to accommodate a lot of stuff.

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Electric Powered Mahindra Atom Is A Bajaj Qute Rival, Launch Soon

Mahindra Atom is super-compact electric Quadricycle and will compete with the Bajaj Qute.

The technical specifications of this Atom are not revealed yet. Thus we have no idea about how powerful it will be at fissioning out the power to the road, or how far the Atom could travel to transfer the electrons. We meant passengers here.  The Atom being a low-voltage EV, it will be manufactured at Mahindra's low-voltage EV manufacturing facility in Hyderabad. It is expected to be launched around the end of this year to become the first all-electric Quadricycle to go on sale in India. However, in essence, it will be a Bajaj Qute rival as both the vehicles would aim to offer last mile connectivity solutions. 

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