Mahindra Marazzo: Things we like and don’t like about the Marazzo

by Vivaan Khatri | 19/09/2018
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Could Mahindra Marazzo be Mahindra's next hit in Indian market? Obviously, it comes with pros and cons. Here are things that we like and don't like about this new MPV.

Mahindra Marazzo has just made its debut in August. The Marazzo is the first attempt ever to conduct a body-on-frame chassis along with a front wheel drive system. Another remarkable thing about this new MPV is that it gets inspiration from sharks. It is among the most anticipated cars in 2018. As it turns out, the Marazzo is a quite well-rounded car with value-for-money offers. However, there is still room for improvement. That’s why IndianAuto will list out five things that the Marazzo gets on point as well as some downside that it could have done better.

1. Things that we like about the Marazzo

1.1. Roomy interior space

The Marazzo comes into two different configurations, which are seven-seater and eight-seater. With the eight-seater setting, on the second row, you will have two captain seats, providing a super comfy and spacious room. For the sever seater version, three passengers could still do quite well with the same space. 

It seems that the new platform has made a progression in improving the interior space. The front drive wheel system allows a flat floor on the rear side, optimizing the rear space for a better room. The best thing about this is that you don’t have to get your knee up to high when sitting on the third rear.

Mahindra Marazzo interior space layout

Mahindra Marazzo comes with a best-in-class cabin in terms of space

1.2. Good driveability 

Along with the light clutch, the Marazzo is equipped with a light steering wheel, but as the speed builds up, the steering becomes stable and firm. It is easy to manoeuvre with such a smooth gearshift. What's more, the overall setting of the interior also allows a easy operation and action. 

1.3. Captain seat

As mentioned above, the seven-seater version of the Marazzo will come with two captain seats on the second bench. The captain seat with offer the passenger with the uttermost comfort. There will be the armrest for each seat. What’s more, the captain seats allow easier access to the rear seat. Moreover, Mahindra offers this special treat right from the base trim.

Mahindra Marazzo captain seat

The captain seats offer spacious seats for the second row

1.4. Roof-mounted AC

The ceiling of the Marazzo is mounted with an AC unit, which will spread cool air along the cabin. The hanging AC will be more efficient in cooling the air than the normal centre console integrated unit. Mahindra claims that it takes just seconds for this AC system to fill up the cabin with refreshing air. This comes in two different settings, which are direct and diffuse. The former mode could deliver a strong blow while the latter will send cool air with regular breaks.

Mahindra Marazzo roof-mounted AC vent

With a roof-mounted AC, the cabin of the Marazzo is always filled with cooled air 

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2. What we don’t like about the Marazzo

2.1. Fit and finish 

The interior of the Marazzo is obviously a step forward for the Mahindra. And in comparison with other cars in the segment, it could be considered as a good-looking and premium car. However, the design still cannot reach the full potential due to the rough plastic material used on the dashboard and the central console. 

Mahindra Marazzo dashboard

There is still room for improvement considering the fit and finish inside the car

The Marazzo could have done better with the interior setting. The car user might find some inconveniences when being inside the cabin. Here are something that it could improve:

  • The position of the USB charger is located to low, making it hard to access. 

  • The bottle holder on the rear door is not usable if the door is shut. 

  • The handbrake could eat into the driver seat.

  • The inside rearview mirror is put too low, making it inconvenient for the tall driver to look at.

Mahindra Marazzo door

The bottle holder on the door is hard to access when the door is shut

2.2. Lack of petrol and automatic option 

The biggest miss of the Marazzo is that it doesn’t come with petrol and automatic gearbox option. Given that the demand for petrol as well as automatic models is ever-growing, it is such a pity that Mahindra misses to offer these options. However, the company has shared that they will soon launch the diesel as well as the automatic transmission on the next update. 

Mahindra Marazzo engine bay

Right now, Mahindra will provide neither automatic or petrol option

2.3. Lack of some key features even on the top-end variant 

The top-spec Marazzo is priced at 14 lakh. With the same price tag, you might find many other options in the market which could bring in a more fulfilling package than Marazzo’s top-of-the-line variant. More specifically, the top-spec would have come with essential features like engine start-stop button, passive keyless entry, LED headlamp. 

Its safety kit should have included side and curtain airbags, or EPS. These features are all offered by other cars of the same price range. 

Mahindra Marazzo on road red color

The features offered by the top-spec of the Marazzo is not as fullfilling as in other cars of the same price range

2.4. Poorly equipped feature list on the entry-level variant 

The base variant of the Marazzo, the M2, doesn’t come with a proper audio system. What’s more, it doesn’t offer height adjustable driver seat, and ORVMs, and rear parking sensor, which should be featured on cars of the same price range. 

2.5. Insufficient performance at full load or high speed

The Marazzo comes with a 1.5-litre diesel engine. And this engine could come up with 123PS and 300Nm, which are higher than most engines of the same displacement. However, this unit might feel quite strained when the car is fully-loaded. It feels out of breath when performing overtaking or speeding up.

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