Maruti Gypsy Electric Conversion Kit

by Kshitij Rawat | 07/04/2020
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Check out this electric Maruti Gypsy with an electric conversion kit made by Pixy Electric Cars Pvt Ltd. The car features a manual gearbox and 4x4 system!

Maruti Gypsy is one of the most beloved cars in India. There will probably be a new edition soon, which will be a version of the Suzuki Jimny, but until that happens, there is a Gypsy-sized hole in the market. Enthusiasts can still go for second-hand examples in the market. Interestingly, there's a company that is offering electric conversions kits for the Gypsy, thus helping add a “green” element to the car.

Maruti Suzuki Gypsy electric conversion kit by Pixy Electric cars

Maruti Suzuki Gypsy EV (electric conversion kit by Pixy Electric Cars Pvt Ltd)

Electric conversion kits are fairly common these days. Some companies are offering custom made kits for particular cars, while others are offering universally kits that can be adjusted on all cars. Recently, we had covered e-conversion kits by He-Man Auto Robopark Pvt Ltd and E-Trio. This kit for the Maruti Gypsy comes courtesy of Pixy Electric Cars Pvt Ltd.

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Electric Gypsy | Rajeev Ranadive

The conversion kit is, as claimed by the company, as easy install into en existing Maruti Gypsy. The conversion kit essentially removes the engine and simply adds electric batteries and motors in its place, turning this into an EV. The wiring system features plug-and-play connectors, and the kit is essentially a bolt-on –conversion, needing but a few simple had-tools for the job. Another interesting bit is that the system will continue to use the existing 5-speed manual gearbox and the four-wheel-drive system as the stock car. The exact specs haven’t been revealed, much to our disappointment.

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Electric cars offer a higher torque output than an equivalent petrol-powered vehicle, which is one advantage of this e-conversion kit. A stock Marti Gypsy is available with a 1.3-litre naturally-aspirated petrol motor. The engine has bulletproof reliability but offers poor torque. This makes off-roading slightly tricky, especially for inexperienced people. The electric motor in the conversion kit has plenty of torque on offer, at that too right from a standstill.

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Maruti Suzuki Gypsy EV climbing a steep slope

Electric Maruti Gypsy is capable of climbing steep slopes

Another thing to note here is that Maruti Gypsy is extremely popular amongst various wings of the Government of India, like the forest department and the Indian army. The Ministry of Environment and Forests had earlier stated that only electric vehicles should be used in forest areas, especially in the ecologically sensitive zones. As there aren’t any electric vehicles available in India, and none that can withstand off-road driving. As such, electric car conversions are a smart choice.

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