Maruti Suzuki Introduces New Operating Guidelines for Workshops and Dealerships

by Vivaan Khatri | 18/05/2020
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Maruti Suzuki introduced new Standard Operation Procedures in adherance to the State and Central government's lockdown guideline.

Since the national lockdown starts to relax, carmakers, including Maruti Suzuki, have begun to resume operations at their dealerships and service centres across the country. In line with this, Maruti Suzuki has introduced new operating procedure guidelines for its facilities.

Maruti Suzuki Introduces New Guideline for Workshops and Dealerships

Maruti Suzuki workshops and dealerships are prepared for the reopening days

The Standard Operation Procedures will be applied at Maruti Suzuki’s network of 3800 service centres across over 1900 cities. The new procedure standards are devised in adherence to the government’s guideline and will go into effect as soon as the dealerships and service centres return to work.

To prepare for the reopening day, all employees at Maruti’s workshops are trained to comprehend the new safety guideline and apply the standard hygiene methods. It is estimated that Maruti would have provided training to over 80,000 staffs working at showrooms and service centres. Moreover, Maruti also emphasizes the importance of regular health monitoring for the staff. All the health parameters of workshop staffs are recorded via a dedicated wellness app.

Under the new safety guidelines, Maruti Suzuki puts a strong focus on the digitalizing the buying and service experience via online platforms. Online booking will be available on Maruti’s website and Maruti Care app. For customers who require repairs for their cars, the company will apply the remote capturing method. Customer feedbacks after service will also be processed online. Other interactions including opening job cards, payment and e-invoicing will be performed online as well.

In order to minimize the contact and guarantee safety for both customers and employees, Maruti has introduced Pick & Drop facility and Service on wheels to that customers will not have to go to the showrooms to get their car serviced.

At dealerships and service centres, all the required safety aids will be provided. Staffs are required to wear protective safety gears. Protective measures will be applied extensively to make sure that contact with cars and car parts are done in compliance with the safety guideline. The customers' lounge will be sanitized regularly. In addition, instead of giving handshakes, the staffs are instructed to do the namaste greeting only.

maruti suzuki service safety guideline infographic

A New Standard Operation Procedures guideline is introduced to ensure safety for both customers and workshop employees


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Maruti Suzuki also supports its customers by extending the warranty/extended warranty as well as free service benefits until the end of June. During the time of lockdown, Maruti has reached out to its customers to give advice on how to maintain their cars at home. At the moment, the preparations are done at the workshops to ensure that parts will be available when the operations are resumed.

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