Maruti Suzuki to Not Re-introduce Diesel Engine Variants

by Vivaan Khatri | 31/05/2020
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While speculations were rife that Maruti Suzuki would introduce a BSVI diesel engine in select models, a recent revelation has put a full stop to this rumour

It is widely known that Maruti Suzuki ended the production of its diesel range ahead of the new BSVI emission norms. Going by the recent developments, the company is unlikely to upgrade its now-defunct diesel engines to meet the new regulations and come back into the market..

Maruti Suzuki Might Never Launch New Diesel Engine Again

Maruti Suzuki is unlikely to resume the production of diesel engines 

This piece of information has been revealed by Ajay Seth, Sr. Executive Director & CFO, Maruti Suzuki. During a recent conference, he indicated that Maruti Suzuki is unlikely to launch the updated diesel variants for its models, citing the drop in demand for the oil-burner-equipped vehicles. Another major reason is the high cost of upgrading the diesel engine to meet the new emission norms.


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During the last quarter of the FY2020, diesel cars only contributed to about 7 per cent of the total sales of Maruti Suzuki. It was also the time that Maruti Suzuki delivered the last batch of the remaining diesel vehicle stock. Before the BSVI norms kicked off, Maruti discontinued the whole diesel engine range while upgrading the entire petrol range to meet the new regulations.

Previously, there was a rumour that Maruti could be planning to upgrade its 1.5-litre diesel engine to power the larger vehicles like Ciaz, Ertiga or its upcoming flagship SUV. However, as per the recent report, this possibility of the reintroduction of diesel motors is very low on the notion that petrol-powered vehicles are becoming more popular with every passing day. Even though the demand for diesel cars in the mid-sized and full-sized SUV segment still remains, Shashank Srivastava, Head of Marketing & Sales, Maruti Suzuki, predicted at the same conference that the sales of diesel cars are likely to go downhill in the future.

maruti ertiga  three quarter front end

It is now unlikely that Maruti Ertiga will get an updated 1.5-litre diesel engine 

Earlier, Maruti Suzuki was reported doing testing on the BSVI-compliant E15A 1.5-litre diesel engine which powered the Ertiga and Ciaz. It might be true that Maruti Suzuki is doing test on the new diesel engine version, however, the mass production of this engine still depends on the market demand. Given the current situation, it is expected that Maruti will go along with a new option of mild-hybrid and full-hybrid system in replacement for the discontinued diesel engines for its range of bigger models.

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