Maruti Suzuki Crosses Yet Another Milestone, Sells 2 Lakh Cars Online

by Vivaan Khatri | 17/11/2020
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Maruti Suzuki introduced its online platform two years ago, Until now, the company has sold over 2 lakh units via the online platform.

Maruti Suzuki has been the number one car seller in the Indian market for the longest time ever. One factor that contributes to the superior success of the Indo-Japanese car manufacturer in our market is its expansive network of car showrooms as well as the excellent after-sales market, which is considered the best in the market.


In the digital age, in order to retain its number one position, Maruti is among the pioneers to provide an online platform that allows buyers to process car purchase. This year, the world has suffered from the wide-spread pandemic and people have to adopt social distancing, which leads to increasing needs for online buying. It is also when Maruti Suzuki’s digital platform shows its full potential.


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Even though the lockdown has been removed for a while now, Maruti Suzuki’s online platform still attracts a good number of sales. Launched two years ago, Maruti Suzuki’s digital platform is claimed to sell over 2 lakh units since its introduction. The number of inquiries has increased three-fold ever since the launch of this platform. It is revealed that since April 2019, Maruti has received a staggering number of 21 lakh inquiries. In the past five months, enquires acquired from online platform accounted for 33 percent of the total inquiries. It is estimated that the online platform has covered over 1000 dealerships.

To deliver the online shopping experience for customers, Maruti Suzuki has developed its online platform with some useful functions. One of the highlights is the virtual showroom, which allows the buyers to view car models online. Moreover, the digital platform also helps the visitors to find nearest dealerships. You can also get quotes and financial consultations there as well. The website also provides EMI calculator for interested buyers.


According to Shashank Srivastava, Executive Director of Marketing & Sales Department, Maruti Suzuki India, customers who enquire via online platform end up buying a car within 10 days. He commented, “This reaffirms that with a robust online to offline platform executed by a digitally enabled salesforce, converting digital enquiries into sales becomes easier.” With the growing trend of online purchase activities, Maruti Suzuki is working hard to improve its online platform. The company are providing training for its dealer partners on online platform management across the nation.

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