Maruti Suzuki to Start Testing Electric Vehicles from October

by Mohammed Burman | 11/09/2018
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Maruti Suzuki will initiate the test of Electric Vehicles from October with 50 electric vehicle prototypes.

It has been confirmed by Suzuki Chairman O Suzuki MOVE Global Mobility Summit that the test of new EVs will begin in October 2018 and the company's first EV will be launched in India in 2020.

O Suzuki, Chairman of Suzuki Motor Corporation said that the company will initiate a road test for 50  EVs examples so that comfortable and safe EVs can be developed for the traffic and climate state of India as well as to satisfy the demands of Indian buyers. The company will also start producing lithium-ion batteries for automobiles at its Gujarat battery plant in 2020.

EV being charged by its owner

Maruti Suzuki's first EV will be launched in India in 2020

Maruti has cooperated with Suzuki since 1983. In his speech, O Suzuki has also confirmed about the 100%-localization achievement of the joint venture. He also emphasized the importance of adequate charging infrastructure, without which, the development of EVs in India will be impossible.

He also said that:

“In order to realise sustainable mobility society, we need to address various issues other than electrification of vehicles, such as offering a safe and efficient mobility using information technology. I promise we will continue to make our best effort for resolving these issues."

It is believed that by 2030, about 30% vehicles will be electrified, leaving the majority of vehicles on Indian roads still being powered by conventional petrol/diesel-powered engines. Suzuki is not only developing electric vehicles but is also expected to release hybrid and CNG ones for the coming time.

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